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Thursday, September 3, 2009
SCLS Administration

Present: Allen, Bauman, Belongia, Calef, Davis, Heidenreich, Lee, MacDonald, McCabe, Morrill, Shaffer, Stack, Westby

CALL TO ORDER:  B. Stack called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m. 


MINUTES: P. Westby moved approval of the August 6, 2009 minutes.  D. Calef seconded.  Motion carried.


Phyllis reminded everyone to register for System Celebration.

Stef and Phyllis attended the SRLAAW meeting in Wausau and some highlights discussed at the meeting include certification change, which include allowing ILS training to go toward certification and to suggest/require at least 10 hours in the area of technology; how to quantify services as the nature of circulation is changing – a SRLAAW sub-group will begin a discussion in the WI library community; and libraries interested in working on district legislation should contact Jessica McPhail.

PLAC members are encouraged to attend the Governance planning meeting on September 18th.

A Foundation fundraising event is being planned for November and the Foundation newsletter was mailed.

We have received over 100 applications for the Technology Projects Manager position.  The interview committee consists of Demita Gerber, Rob Mader, Trish Priewe, Tana Elias, Stef and Phyllis.

The Rock Springs library received computers and is doing inventory prior to their re-opening.

Stef noted things are moving ahead quickly at the new facility.  The space should be done by September 15th.  The official moving dates are November 19-November 22 and there will be some down time and closed offices during those days.

There was a very successful “Technology Day” last week.  David Lee King did a great talk about looking toward the future and changes that are happening and what they mean for libraries.  One message to take from his talk is that libraries need to start recognizing that these online services are not peripheral things to do in our “spare time,” but are core services.

There was also an “unconference” last week with system technology people from around the state, which was a great opportunity to hear what other people were doing and to share what SCLS staff are doing. 

There was a great response to the TechBits contest!  Denise Anton Wright was the winner. The responses were almost universally positive, so it seems that TechBits is working well.  The blog now has 190 subscribers, 108 of those through email.  About 40 new subscribers joined in August.

The Project Play group met this month, and decided to discontinue the blog and “Playdates” that were done.  The attendance has not been good, and blogs like TechBits have taken away some of the need for the Project Play blog.   The team is going to focus on conference programs and pre-conferences on similar topics. 

The Thunderbird migration is almost complete.  The next phases of the email migration are coming soon.   The next thing that will happen is the creation of instructions and the opening up of SCLS email to encourage Gmail access.  Expect this to begin by the end of the month.  The group discussed if, because of privacy and possible policy issues,   notification of this service should only go to directors.  The group felt that notification could go to individual staff as long as there was a statement about the possibly policy issues and that staff should discuss this with their director.  The next step will be to offer libraries the ability to use their own domain names for email.  This change will mean some changes in how email looks, especially through Thunderbird.  There will be documentation and training about the changes, and more information will be available around the end of the month.  The service should be available around November 1st.  All libraries will eventually need to change to their own domain names or to

AskAway week is September 14th through the 18th.  Library staff is encouraged to try the service if they haven’t in a while.

Committee Reports:

a. Joint Technology:
 Did not meet.

b. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Did not meet.

c. Reference Committee:  Did not meet.  The database costs went out and WiLS should be contacting everyone soon.

d. Multitype: Did not meet.

e. Youth Services:  Shawn is busily working on the 2010 LSTA literacy grant.  The grassroots meeting was held last week, and was very successful.

f. PR Committee: The project to promote library stories that have changed people’s lives has moved into high gear. The project’s name is “Libraries for Real Life,” and the tagline is “What’s Your Story.”  Promotional materials have been approved and from those, a draft website has been created that is being pre-populated with print stories and video clips.  The goal of these stories is to help give people ideas about the kinds of information we’re seeking.  The website will include: an electronic form that patrons can use to submit their own story; a link to a paper form that libraries can give to those who are more comfortable with paper; links to promotional materials that libraries can download and print; information to help libraries implement the program locally to collect the stories we know are out there waiting to be told; and a link to information about the role of libraries, statistical data about library usage, and background information on the project.  The committee has been meeting monthly since April and meetings are scheduled for September 15 and October 13.

g. Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.


  1. Identification needed for library card registration:  The circulation committee updated the identification criteria needed for registering patrons.  PLAC reviewed the draft and suggested several changes.  These suggestions will go back to the circulation committee for revisions.
  2. WiLS contacts: WiLS had heard from the libraries attending WiLSWorld that more contact from WiLS to individual libraries was desired.  PLAC felt that SCLS could continue to play the role of the contact person for WiLS.  Stef will contact Kathy Schneider and let her know.
  3. Delivery Holiday Schedule:  Delivery is planning to be closed the day after Christmas and the day after New Years.  P. Westby moved approval of this decision.  R. MacDonald seconded.  Motion carried.

DISCUSSION TOPIC:   The group discussed pandemic planning in their various communities.


Madison may have a new library after the city council finishes deliberations in November.  The Mayor is behind the decision for a new library.

Black Earth held a contest for writing limerick and gave each winner (3 adults and 3 children) a $25 gift certificate.

Marshfield will be hosting a paranormal investigator on 9/8/09, who will be discussing Wisconsin’s most haunted houses.

McMillan will be featured in the October issue of VOYA for their library commons and YA area.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40a.m. 

The next meeting will be October 1, 2009. 

Heidi Moe, Recorder