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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, October 6, 2005
SCLS Administration

Present: Brewer, Canepa, Davis, Dimick, Hartman, Hamon, Jensen, Johnson, MacDonald, McCabe, Palmer, Stack, Stenman
Handouts: None

CALL TO ORDER: B. Dimick, V. Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.


MINUTES: M. Palmer moved approval of the September 1, 2005 minutes. H. Jensen seconded. Motion carried.


Peter requested endorsement of the 2006 Annual Plan, 2006 Budget, and 2006 Resource Contracts as presented for approval by the SCLS board. PLAC approved. The SCLS Budget/Finance & Personnel Committee will make their recommendations to the full board for approval at the October meeting.

Peter will now begin working on the strategic plan, which was put on hold due to working on the budget.

Kristi Williams, SCLS Trustee, has been selected to be the Wisconsin Library Association Trustee of the Year.

An IMLS Grant was turned down, but DCLS plans to go ahead with their own study.

SCLS is participating in a DLTCL survey of shared automated systems and the cost. Peter will continue to seek answers from DLTCL regarding who receives access to state level interloan contracts.

There was a statewide delivery meeting and discussion included the possibility of SCLS taking over more delivery contracts around the state. SCLS enrolled in a state vendor list. The Department of Administration advertised on that list for outsourcing their mail contract. SCLS has bid on the job, which if received, would be profitable to SCLS and help defray gas prices.

There are several bills in legislature that SCLS is keeping an eye on. One of the bills is AB236, which exempts any University of WI system institution, city, village, county, school district or technical college district in the state, which purchases and uses gasoline or diesel fuel, from paying the excise tax imposed on fuel. Libraries are not included in this exemption. A tax freeze ruling is also of concern and how it will affect libraries.

An SCLS Foundation brainstorming meeting was held. About 20 people were present and many ideas were exchanged. Member library input will be sought concerning how best to set up the foundation.

Sun Prairie had another incident at their library which involved the printing of child pornography by a patron. The police department was contacted and the question of warrants, security tapes, patron privacy, etc., were all brought to the forefront once again.


a. Joint Technology Committee: At the next meeting, the committee will discuss Overdrive, and virtual reference. Nichole Fromm has been hired as a Library Technology Project Support Specialist.

b. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Next meeting is November 9. ILL tips can be found on the webpage.

c. Reference Committee: Met September 20th. Discussed how to change/simplify the survey for member librarian database interests. Also discussed system wide subject guides.

d. Multitype: Met October 4th. Reviewed the 2005 plan and budget. Next meeting will be in January. Five new committee members were appointed. Job shadowing/mentoring was discussed.

e. Youth Services: An Early Literacy Symposium took place at American Family September 9 – a video and DVD from that meeting are available to member libraries to view. An LSTA grant has been submitted. The SLP workshop will be on November 17 at Olbrich Gardens.

f. Outreach: No report.

g. PR Committee: No report.

h. Delivery Advisory Committee: Items discussed included the cart experiment, trucks switching to diesel fuel, hybrid vehicles, best practices and reduces transportation holds.

OTHER BUSINESS: PLAC unanimously agreed they would NOT meet in December.

McMillan had their grand opening – 400 people attended!! Peter spoke at the event. Ron noted the design and color scheme have been well accepted and the coffee bar is popular. The upper level of the library remains a quiet/study area while conversation is encouraged in the newly remodeled lower level.
Plain is going to Telus.
Baraboo created a friends group.
McFarland is closing at 8 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.
Monroe is losing staff due to cuts in the school budget.
Wyocena went live on LINK!!

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

The next meeting will be November 3, 2005.
Heidi Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Public Library Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Moe.