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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, October 4, 2007
SCLS Delivery Facility

Present: Belongia, Bosben, Brewer, Calef, Davis, Dimick, Hedrick, Jensen, MacDonald, McCabe, Palmer

CALL TO ORDER:  R. MacDonald called the meeting to order at 10:06 a.m.


MINUTES: H. Jensen moved approval of the September 6, 2007 minutes.  P. Bosben seconded.  Motion carried.

Ongoing concerns continue regarding state and county budgets as well as Maintenance of Effort and exemption of counties from levy limits.

System Celebration was well attended this year.  If anyone is interested in the library slide show that was shown at the event, please contact Mark Ibach.

Learning Express will be available for 2008.

Cottage Grove announced a site has been selected for a library and although fundraising is progressing, they will most likely have to go to referendum.

Three non-competitive LSTA grants for wireless, system technology and delivery were submitted by SCLS as well as grants for training, literacy and innovative use of technology, which are competitive.

Cheryl Becker will be handling the general oversight and project management for online databases and Jean Anderson will be doing the same for virtual reference.

Delivery met with Demco and also Tech Logic, an automated materials handling vendor.  They checked out the delivery operation and discussed the possibility of an automated sorting system.  Tech Logic’s system uses a “smart bin”, which is large and expensive and would not work for us in all cases, but further discussion will continue with the possibility of a partnership.

Stef, Cheryl, Mark and Phyllis are working together to develop a “graphical depiction” of the relationships between members, counties, the system, etc, with the intent for it to be a useful training tool for staff, new directors and trustees.

Phyllis will be attending the Hollywood Librarian film at the SLIS Commons tonight. 

Phyllis said that, as a result of the recent customer service CE, SCLS staff are thinking of ways to implement better customer service to members and will bring some ideas to an upcoming meeting.

There will be a CE workshop on fundraising trends for libraries on November 7th.  Phyllis will be setting up a committee meeting to discuss distribution of Foundation proceeds.

Stef will be setting up a meeting for the Annual Meeting planning committee which consists of Ron McCabe, Maureen Palmer, Barb Dimick and Tracy Herold.

2008 Budget/ Plan/Resource Contracts: 
Phyllis requested endorsement of the 2008 Annual Plan, 2008 Budget, and 2008 Resource Contracts as presented for approval by the SCLS board.  H. Jensen moved approval.  P. Bosben seconded.  The SCLS Budget/Finance & Personnel Committee will make their recommendations to the full SCLS board for approval at the October meeting.

a. Joint Technology Committee:  Meeting October 23rd.

b. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Will meet the end of October.

c. Reference Committee: They are working on new database funding model with more flexibility.

d. Multitype: Voted to approve the 2008 budget and plan and reviewed the survey.  It was decided not to continue the pizza party.

e. Youth Services:  A teen symposium is taking place at the Dells and the 2008 SLP kickoff will take place in November.  The Folkmanis puppet order is in the works.

f. PR Committee:  Met September 14th to discuss new materials for database publicity.  Six database brochures have been drafted and are posted on basecamp.

g. Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.

a.  SCILL Update:  PLAC felt the report looked great and made no suggestions for changing the formula currently in place.

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Those present shared some events that are taking place at their libraries.  Verona held a Civil War reenactment on September 29 and there was good attendance, 600 people on Saturday, 700 on Sunday with media coverage on TV and an article in the Capital Times.  McMillan will be holding a CE on November 2nd called Mission Impossible.  Cross Plains received the silver level LEED certification for a green building – they were 4 credits short of a gold level award, but may reapply for that status next year.  Senator Feingold will be holding a meeting at the CSP library.  Marshfield is hosting a Hispanic YA literature series.  The Sequoya Branch campaign committee has raised $700,000. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:39 a.m.                             

The next meeting will be November 1, 2007

Heidi Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Public Library Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Moe.