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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, October 1, 2009
SCLS Administration

Present: Bauman, Belongia, Davis, Friesen, Gerber, Lee, McCabe, Morrill, Shaffer, Stack, Westby

CALL TO ORDER:  B. Stack called the meeting to order at 12:05 a.m. 


MINUTES: C. Shaffer moved approval of the September 3, 2009 minutes.  H. Baumann seconded.  Motion carried.

Action on 2010 Budget/Plan/Resource Contracts:  D. Gerber moved to recommend the 2010 Budget, Budget notes, 2010 Annual Plan, and the Statutory and Supplementary Contracts to the SCLS Board for approval.  C. Shaffer seconded.  Motion carried.

Phyllis noted LibLime seems to be fulfilling our contract although there are questions of the interpretation of “Open Source.”  There is a possibility of a fork in Koha if LibLime delays the release of their newly developed software too long.  One solution may be a Koha Foundation and Vicki Teal Lovely is representing SCLS in those discussions.  LibLime is aware that our software development needs to be contributed back into open Koha.  A question and answer session as well as a demonstration of Koha will be presented by staff after the LINK meeting October 8.

The revised patron registration proposal will come to PLAC in December.

Phyllis asked for input regarding the System Celebration event and several PLAC members noted they liked the efficiency of the event and felt the length of the program was just right.

Phyllis and Stef will be meeting with an attorney to discuss the changes to the new ILS contract.  A task force will be meeting to integrate some of the changes suggested from the September 18th meeting.  An FAQ will be sent to the member libraries and will include information from the report created by Russell Consulting.

The statewide Delivery contract with the UW is getting close to being final.  The head of procurement has given it the go ahead but it has to be posted to the unions for 30 days before final approval.

Six resumes have been selected by the Technology Project Manager interview committee.  Interviews will be scheduled for the end of October.

WPLC approved the purchase of e-books for Overdrive.

Stef noted as of the date of the meeting, SCLS has official access to their new location.  The offices will be closed November 19th-23rd for the move.  The priority will be to get all of the services, especially Dynix, up as soon as possible, which may mean a delay in internal network and office computers being available to staff.  An open house is scheduled for January 21st.

A number of SCLS libraries were chosen to participate in an ALA survey related to technology.  This survey is an annual event, but this year, SCLS has prepared some answers for libraries in order to standardize responses. 

The email project has been put on hold with the exception of the Google interface to SCLS mail.  There did not seem to be an urgent need for the other services, so this project will wait until after the beginning of the year.

Committee Reports:

a. Joint Technology:
 Did not meet.

b. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Did not meet.  Scheduled to meet October 28.

c. Reference Committee:  The Reference Committee met in September.    The group discussed pulling out some more of the EBSCO databases on the "Databases by name" page, and this work will be done by SCLS staff.   Auto Repair Center, Consumer Health Complete, Literary Reference Center, Newspaper Source Plus, NoveList, Encyclopedia Britannica and Enciclopedia Juvenil will appear separately on the list.

Badger Lunch sessions are being done through Reference and Loan to highlight what BadgerLink databases can be used for specific topical research.

d. Multitype: Did not meet.  Scheduled to meet October 7.

e. Youth Services:  Two LSTA grants were submitted in this area:  one for public library programs for at-risk teens and one for accessibility. 

Twenty-nine libraries are participating in the grant for at-risk teens. which will help public libraries reach out to teens by providing continuing education workshops for public librarians that will teach librarians methods for marketing and creating library programs for at-risk teens, providing funds for libraries to purchase materials, such as GED study guides, test-prep resources, vocational  guides, teen parenting resources, high-interest/low reading ability materials, books of interest to teens written in languages other than English and multicultural materials that appeal to diverse populations and immigrant teens, providing funds to enhance and create library programs for at-risk teens

The accessibility grant will provide funds for SCLS member libraries to purchase adaptive technologies and other adaptive devices to upgrade public computer workstations.  

In September, there were two successful programs focused on youth services.  “Moving Rhymes for Modern Times,” presented by Jim Gill, introduced developmentally appropriate ways to use music, movement and play to build literacy skills.  The workshop received very positive feedback.  “CCBC Shorts,” presented by Merri Lindgren and Megan Schliesman, was the first program of a monthly series of webinars from the CCBC.  Each month librarians from the CCBC will highlight new books, point out some gems from the collection and discuss a few books on a specific topic or theme.  

f. PR Committee: had its official launch.  The site includes written stories, video sample stories, and an online form for submitting stories.  Promotional materials for the project have been sent to all libraries.

Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.


DISCUSSION TOPIC:   The group discussed budgets and advocacy and what is happening in their counties and community.


Meeting adjourned at 11:47a.m. 

The next meeting will be November 5, 2009. 

Heidi Moe, Recorder