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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, November 5, 2009
SCLS Administration

Present: Allen, Bauman, Belongia, Calef, Davis, Friesen, Gerber, Heidenreich, Lee, MacDonald, McCabe, Morrill, Westby

CALL TO ORDER:  R. MacDonald called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. 


MINUTES: D. Gerber moved approval of the October 1, 2009 minutes noting the meeting started at 10:05, not 12:05.  S. Lee seconded.  Motion carried.

Phyllis noted six candidates were interviewed for the Technology Project Manager position and an offer was made.  We will know whether the candidate has accepted the position on Monday.

We have received four signed contracts of the Agreement to Participate in a Shared Automated Resources System.  We will be posting the names of the libraries who have signed the contract.  The governance listening session was cancelled due to lack of participation, but Phyllis is available to speak to anyone who has questions.

The SCLS By-Laws committee met to work on revising the by-laws to reflect the governance changes.  A draft of the revised by-laws will be presented to the Board on Monday and action will take place at the December SCLS Board meeting.

The joint meeting of the SCLS Foundation was not well attended.  The Foundation Board updated the policy for the distribution of profits.  The formula includes distributing 25% of profits to participating libraries and 25% to all other member libraries.  50% of profits will go back into the endowment.  Also, it was decided that Foundation member libraries will be charged a 1% fee instead of a 2% fee for the year 2010.  Phyllis will be sending a memo to participating libraries and will update the Foundation website with this information as well as including this information in Online Update.

Sun Prairie is hosting an advocacy pilot project. Member library board presidents were surveyed about what kind of training they wanted for advocacy and the Sun Prairie Library Board will receive that training in February.  The program will be offered to other interested library boards.

Library Legislative Day is February 16, 2010.  Last year we reached our target of 25% representation of member libraries.  We would like to increase the number or registrants attending in 2010.  It was suggested that citizens, board members, friends and high school teens be invited to attend to widen the range of representation.  Scheduling, space needs and public versus academic library representation was also discussed.

Several SCLS and member library staff  attended the WiSKE (Wisconsin Koha Enthusiasts) meeting in Appleton. 

Stef noted the ballots for the elections for the new committees will be available on Monday, November 9th.  There is at least one nominee for each seat on the committees.  Libraries can vote through the end of the day on November 20th and then the elections for the at-large seats on the Administrative Council will start.

Moving to our new location is now less than two weeks away.  SCLS Administration will move on Thursday, November 19th and SCLS Automation will move on Friday, November 20th.  The offices will be officially closed from their specific moving date through Monday, November 23rd, but individuals and services will be available as soon as possible.  Delivery will be open and delivering normally.  There will be an open house at the new location on January 21st.

Instructions for getting SCLS email through Gmail are now being tested by some member library staff and SCLS staff.  Hopefully, these instructions will be tested and available for all libraries in early December.  The instructions are for individuals wanting to move to Gmail permanently, and not use Thunderbird at all.  Setting Gmail up for temporary use will be something undertaken next year.

E-books were added to our OverDrive collection on November 2nd.   These ebooks can be used with the latest Sony readers.  A patron contacted us in late September asking for this service to be added.  Other patrons were asking for the service, so WPLC discussed it at their September 30th meeting and decided to purchase this format.   On November 2nd, the patron wrote to tell us that she had just downloaded her first book to her Sony reader, and she was thrilled!  It was satisfying to have this request become a real service in such a short time, and to have the patron provide such positive feedback.

A group of directors and staff from SCLS member libraries were featured on the WORT “Access Hour” on October 19th.  A recording of their radio show is available:

Committee Reports:

a. Joint Technology:
 October meeting was cancelled.  The group will not meet again.

b. Interlibrary Loan Committee: The last meeting of the committee was October 28th, where information about the new governance structure was presented.  There has been some concern expressed about the ILL Committee being disbanded, but there may be alternatives to a formal committee (CEs/user group meetings) that will serve the need.

c. Reference Committee:  The last meeting of the committee will be in December.  The “Databases by Name” page <> has been modified as discussed at the October 2009 PLAC meeting.  Sara Gold from WiLS should be sending final database pricing to libraries by November 9th.

d. Multitype: The committee met on Wednesday, October 7, where they approved the 2010 SCLS plan and budget, and also discussed the governance changes and impact on MALC.   There are new committee members, but there is still a need for a school representative.  The group began planning for the Collaboration Summit, scheduled for May 18th, 2010 at Olbrich Gardens.

e. Youth Services:  The 2010 Summer Library Program workshop will be held on November 13, 2009, at Olbrich Gardens.   Anne Horjus from Baraboo, Kris Houtler from REE and Shawn Brommer from SCLS are presenting in the morning and Patti Sinclair, the editor of the manual, is presenting in the afternoon.

f. PR Committee: The committee met on October 13th.  Work on the Libraries for Real Life campaign continues.  Materials are being printed for libraries when requested.  Stories are beginning to be shared on the site.  The next meeting is November 10th.

Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.

a. Discussion of purchasing blu-ray materials with SCID funds:
Blu-rays are not currently showing up in the DVD Don’t Miss List. The UEPR committee met to discuss whether there should be a separate list for Blu-rays or to add Blu-rays to the “regular” DVD Don’t Miss List.  They were concerned about creating more demand for Blu-rays that could require libraries to buy Blu-rays in the future.  The committee decided that for now, Blu-rays should not be added to the
DVD Don’t Miss List, and a separate Blu-ray list would not be created.  PLAC agreed with the UEPR committee’s decision and suggested this topic be reviewed in six month to see how high the demand may be.

DISCUSSION TOPIC:   In January, the Administrative Council will be meeting for the first time.  SCLS staff is beginning to think about what training these representatives will need.  If you were a representative on the Administrative Council, what information would you need to do the job well?  What information would have been helpful for you as a PLAC member?

Items of discussion included the following:  frequency of communication, the need for a common link to all the clusters, a job description of the representatives of each cluster, understanding the by-laws and documentation of the governance structure, and brainstorming about what is most important for the short term and the long range plan.


Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be December 3, 2009. 

Heidi Moe, Recorder