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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, December 7, 2006
SCLS Administration

Present:          Belongia, Brewer, Calef, Davis, Dimick, Hartman, Jensen, Johnson, MacDonald, McCabe, Morrill, Palmer, Ponshock, Stack, Wright, Yurgil
Handouts:      ILL semi-annual report

CALL TO ORDER:  D. Calef called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m.   


MINUTES: B. Dimick moved approval of the October 5, 2006 minutes.  H. Jensen seconded.  Motion carried.


The budget and plan were approved by the state and we received our first aid check.

Automation has been having issues with Charter email addresses.  When the overdue/hold notices are sent, Charter considers those notices to be spam, therefore, the patrons are not receiving the notices.  Automation has been in contact with Charter to attempt to resolve the problem. 

SCLS has received the LSTA grants for delivery, system technology, and literacy.

Phyllis attended the LSTA Advisory Committee meeting.  They reviewed the current five-year LSTA program and made recommendations on projects to take place in 2007.  The committee also began developing a new five year LSTA plan for 2008-2012.  Funding will be provided to conduct a survey of the economic impact of libraries in Wisconsin.

The library emporium will not be accepting new items at this time.  Mid January they will accept items valued at $50 or more.

Bruce Smith attended a delivery symposium and has become involved in a monograph and website as well as making many contacts in the “delivery world.”  He will be making a trip to the King County sorting facility to check out how they run things.

John Thompson, former director of the Prairie du Sac Public Library, accepted the position of Director for the Indianhead Federated Library System.  Dan Zack (interviewed for the SCLS director position) is now director for the Beloit Public Library and Dan Siebersma, who also interviewed for SCLS, was Director for Brown County, but has recently resigned.

Stef noted WPLC met and decided to go ahead with a statewide survey of library users/non-users in 2007.  They also decided to go ahead with OverDrive Video which will be available to the public February 1, 2007.  MOTOR may be renewed for another year, but WPLC is not paying for it – the partners will be picking up the costs, but it’s possible not all partners will pay.  WPLC is going to split the cost of a Sony Ebook Reader, which will allow SCLS and other systems an opportunity to play with it without having to purchase one.  Investigation into the cost for the consortium to purchase Rosetta Stone products is underway, but it doesn’t look promising.  From September to December SCLS had 2353 OverDrive checkouts, which is more than Milwaukee and also more than 10 of the other smaller systems combined.  Now that the collection is of a reasonable size, the service will be advertised.  

Cheryl Becker and Nichole Fromm have been working with some of the member librarians to develop a Reader’s Advisory service, which will enable patrons to fill out an online form and through the “Looking for a good book?” project, receive recommendations.  Volunteers are needed.

Novelist is scheduled to be available January 1.  It will include links to the Stevens Point, Marshfield and LINK catalog.  Training is scheduled for Dec. 12, Jan. 10, and Jan 31.

The Devils Lake State park may be the meeting site for the annual meeting – possibly in May.  The location needs to be approved by the committee, but so far, the responses have been positive.

The results from the PLAC election have been tallied.  At this point, Maureen Palmer and Denise Anton Wright have agreed to serve as well as Susan Hedrick.

No one was hired for the Library Technology Coordinator position – it is being restructured with the intent to hire someone who is more technical and less managerial.  Stef will continue to manage that area when someone is hired.

The CE coordinator interviews are the week of December 11th.

Selection of PLAC member as Foundation Representative: PLAC members will think about whether they would like to serve as a Foundation representative, in place of R. MacDonald, and discuss it at the January meeting.


  1. Joint Technology Committee:  Met October 10.  Meets in January.  Jess Bruckner from WID resigned from the committee.  Trish Priewe from LDI will fill that vacancy.

  2. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Met October 18.  Next meeting is January 17.  The semi-annual ILL report was distributed to the committee for their information.

  3. Reference Committee: Meeting Dec 19.  A subcommittee has been formed and is working on the “COW” project (Can of Worms).  Their purpose is to discuss a shared way to contribute and disseminate web links.  It has been recommended to the subcommittee that “Delicious” should be used.  It is a tool for sharing links online and has over 1 million subscribers, so it would be a vehicle to get our links to a wider audience, but still have the ability to display them on the library webpages.

  4. Multitype: Next meeting is January 9.

  5. Youth Services:  The SLP Performer showcase, held at the Monona Public Library in November, was a great success – about 90 people attended!!  Shawn and Mark have applied for  a $3,000 ALA grant toward DVD costs for SLP.

  6. Outreach: No report.

  7. PR Committee:  no report.

  8. Delivery Advisory Committee:  The committee discussed changing their charge.  On behalf of the committee, P. Davis presented the revised charge to PLAC.  The changes are as follows:  any library is welcome to attend, but not forced to attend, the committee will meet every six months (instead of every four months) and the following libraries will be represented – one from MPL, one from DCLS, three large LINK library, three small LINK libraries, and any non-LINK library.  M. Palmer moved approval of the revised Delivery Advisory Committee charge.  B. Stack seconded.  Motion carried.



Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.                             

The next meeting will be January 4, 2007

Heidi Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Public Library Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Moe.