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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, December 3, 2009
SCLS Administration

Present: Allen, Bauman, Belongia, Calef, Davis, Friesen, Gerber, Lee, Morrill, Stack, Westby

CALL TO ORDER:  B. Stack called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m. 


MINUTES: P. Westby moved approval of the November 5, 2009 minutes.  M. Friesen seconded.  Motion carried.

Phyllis noted the move was successful with minimal downtime.  If PLAC members would like a tour of the new space, they may do so following the meeting.  The parking spaces marked “reserve” are for our visitors.

Nominations are needed for the SCLS Board from Dane County, especially from outside Madison.  Applications are online at the web site for the County Executive.

Jon Mark Bolthouse will begin working on January 4th.  Phyllis shared a little bit of his background with PLAC.

Stef noted the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC) Board met on December 2nd.   There have been 11,633 new patrons added to OverDrive in 2009, and a 23% increase in circulation over the same time last year. The OverDrive Advantage program was discussed.  This program allows individual libraries to purchase titles for their own patrons’ use.  WPLC had decided not to allow this type of purchase, but OverDrive informed the project manager that a Wisconsin library had ordered titles through this program, and that they would be added to the WPLC collection.  The group was very upset, and will be sending a letter to OverDrive expressing their concerns.  OverDrive has introduced another program that would allow patrons to purchase their own titles, and give profits to libraries.  There is clarification needed about who would get the profits, and if it might be possible for patrons to purchase the titles and then donate them back to the libraries.  Linda Miller announced that she will not be continuing as the WPLC project manager after sometime in 2010.  The stimulus project that WPLC was considering will not move forward.  A survey about reference and virtual reference that SCLS did with their Citizen Tech Advisory Group may be expanded to other samples. 

29 signed ILS agreements have been received.  Phyllis has contacted the rest of the current LINK libraries, and the indication is that all libraries will sign by the end of the year.  All of the cluster representative seats have been filled.  At-large ballots will be available on December 7th.   There is still one cluster with run-off elections, but those will be decided soon.

PLAC has the opportunity to send someone to the December SCLS Board meeting to report to the Board. 

Committee Reports:

a. Joint Technology:
 Did not meet

b. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Did not meet.

c. Reference Committee:  Meets on 12/15.  Libraries have all received the amounts they will be billed for databases in 2010.  Some libraries have dropped ReferenceUSA, but some libraries added it.  Some libraries dropped Chilton and Literature Resource Center.  A few dropped the genealogy databases.  Kerri, Rose and Cheryl are meeting this week to talk about what changes we should make to the databases page because of these changes in who is subscribing to what.   

d. Multitype: Did not meet.  Jean is working on recruiting representatives for the committees where MALC is represented.

e. Youth Services:  Shawn is wrapping up the 2009 Do and Learn grant.  She has received final reports from libraries. Thanks to a grant from Alliant Energy, which funded the Jim Gill workshop in Sept., we had extra money that we'll use to purchase board book kits that all SCLS member libraries will be able to borrow for family literacy programs.
Nearly 70 people attended the Nov. 13th SLP workshop, which was held at Olbrich Gardens.  Anne Horjus, Baraboo, and Kris Houtler, Reedsburg, presented program topics in the morning portion of the workshop.
The DNR is offering state park passes as incentives for next year's summer library program.  This year the DPI and DNR are requiring all libraries who request passes to sign and submit an agreement form, indicating that they understand the guidelines and rules of the program.  
Operation Military Kids, an organization that helps children of deployed service men & women, has sent a collection of 20 books to one library in every system.  The books address topics that help children cope with the issues of parental deployment.  SCLS's collection was sent to WI Rapids.  Posters and booklists will be available to SCLS libraries who are interested in publicizing the program and special collection.  This is a program that was coordinated by Operation Military Kids (which seems to be a project of WI's 4-H Development program) and the DLTCL.

  We're wrapping up the LSTA grant for job seekers.  In November every SCLS member library was sent $100 in LSTA funds; these funds need to be spent on materials to help job seekers.  This money needs to be spent by Dec. 31st and a list of purchased materials needs to be sent to Shawn by the end of the year.  We sent a list of suggested resources to every library and the responses to this component of the project have been very positive.  

f. PR Committee: The committee is going to continue internal efforts to promote LFRL through the end of 2009, and then in January will, they will begin devising expanded promotional efforts.  They are encouraging all directors to put the project logo on the library’s website.  There are several options available at, where libraries can also get other promotional materials.

Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.

a. Legislative Day Update:
The WLA Legislative Day Committee will assign a leader for each group this year and will go over “sharing the stage” during the tips session before the visits.  They think that having too many people to fit into each office would be a very good problem to have and they are encouraging us to go for increased numbers for 2010.  PLAC and the System set a goal of doubling the attendance from last year. 

b. Identification needed for library card registration:  P. Westby moved approval of the SCLS Guidelines for Registering Patrons.  D. Gerber seconded.  Motion carried.

DISCUSSION TOPIC:   Library visit reports: Discussion of questions #1 (What changes have you made to cope with smaller budgets and greater demands) and question # 2 (We sometimes hear from libraries that they aren’t aware of services that SCLS offers.  What SCLS service do you think other people would want to know about?) and how to disseminate information.

Marshfield held the event “Great things are happening here” to celebrate the good things within the community.  There were 25 exhibitors, entertainment, and 506 people attended!
Albany had a 27% jump in circulation between 2008 and 2009.
Monona is having great success with the “Book a library for the day” and “Book the library for Life”.  They have raised $50,000 so far.
Middleton’s budget is at Maintenance of Effort.
Wyocena received half of what they asked for in an increase in their budget.  50 people attended a recent Veterans Program.
Nekoosa held a Holiday craft sale and they are hoping to have Michael Perry speak at their library September 2010.
Madison is getting a new central library!

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

Heidi Moe, Recorder