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Marketing & PR Advisory Committee Minutes
from January 19, 2010, Meeting

Present: Vicky Billings, Pam Bosben, Tana Elias, Jennifer Endres, Mary Friesen, Mark Ibach & Trish Priewe.

  1. Welcome

  2. Approval of minutes from Nov. 10, 2009, meeting — Minutes approved unchanged.

  3. Discussion about enhanced — stepped up — promotional efforts for the “Libraries for Real Life…” project. One issue we need to address is how to get more libraries involved.
    1. We first discussed how we can get more libraries involved in the project. We will send another letter to directors of libraries that haven’t requested promotional materials. In that letter we’ll highlight one of the stories and talk about it from the perspective of “This is what your patrons could be saying about you.” We’ll include a copy of the promotional materials. We’ll also create a tip sheet that has suggestions for using the stories locally.
    2. We then talked about general promotion and came up with the following ideas:
        1. Put a tab in LINKcat that takes people to the “Libraries for Real Life…” website. Will also include a link to this site from the Database pages.
        2. Continue regular reminders in Online Update.
        3. Tana will explore the cost of bus ads in Madison and Vicky will get costs in Stevens Point.
        4. Mark will get costs for several large magnetic signs for SCLS Delivery trucks, and also for small refrigerator magnets and bumper stickers/window clings.
        5. Mark will get costs for movie theater advertising, newspaper advertising in Madison and Wisconsin Rapids, and Google Ad costs. Vicky will check on newspaper advertising costs in Stevens Point. All of these would run in conjunction with National Library Week.
        6. Develop some video and still-image PSAs for local cable access channels.
        7. Mark will explore putting a message about the “Libraries for Real Life…” website on overdue email notices and on the checkout slips patrons get at libraries. This language would be available upon request to member libraries.

  4. Old Business — None

  5. Assignments for next meeting? — See above

  6. Establish future meeting dates? (everyone have their calendar handy) — Our next meeting will be Feb. 23, 2010, at 10 a.m. in GoToMeeting

  7. Other business — No other business.

  8. Adjourn

For more information about the Marketing & PR Advisory Committee, contact Mark Ibach.