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Marketing & PR Advisory Committee Minutes
from March 10, 2009, Meeting

  1. Welcome

  2. Selection of Committee Chairperson—Tana Elias volunteered to be the committee chairperson.

  3. Discuss the project to promote the transformational nature of libraries

  4. What is the purpose of this project (a desired end result)?—Everyone agreed that advocacy should be the primary goal of this project.
    • Who are the message audiences?—Elected officials, Benefactors/community leaders, Business Community, Workforce/employment, Remote Users, Students, Elderly, those interested in genealogy, and library users interested in high-tech projects/resources, and those interested in low-tech projects/resources (traditional use vs. non-traditional use). It was felt that economic messages would be best tagged at the elected officials, benefactors/community leaders, and workforce/employment audiences. Tax impact and value also should be emphasized with the latter group.
    • Should we have library specific messages, county specific messages, or system-wide messages?—Didn’t specifically address this question.
    • What tools should we create? (press releases? print PSAs? audio PSAs? video PSAs? paid advertisements? posters (8.5×11)? large read posters (20×30 at $19.99 each)? bookmarks? video testimonials? canned presentation?—Touched on these as part of other discussion, but the general feeling was that the collected stories will largely dictate what medium is used.
    • Do we need to have different components/tools for each audience?—Did not specifically address this question.
    • How do we collect the stories?—We looked at a project underway in New Jersey (and Mark shared some materials they provided), and we looked at a New York Times project called “One in 8 Million” that tells the stories of every-day residents in photos and audio recordings. Tana has had previous contact with a photographer who is interested a project like this and she will follow up and bring more information to the next meeting.

  5. What is the first step?—Everyone is to begin thinking of a slogan/tag line that can be used to shape this project. These should be entered on the BaseCamp page for that purpose. Committee members also should look for similar campaigns that may help guide our efforts.

  6. Assignments for next meeting? (see first step)

  7. Establish Future meeting dates—Mark will create a Doodle to set a meeting in April. Future meetings will be conducted using GoToMeeting.

  8. Other Business—None.

  9. Adjourn—Adjourned about 2:30 p.m.


For more information about the Marketing & PR Advisory Committee, contact Mark Ibach.