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Marketing & PR Advisory Committee Minutes
from April 21, 2009, Meeting

  1. Welcome

  2. Approval of minutes from March 10, 2009, meeting—Minutes were approved without change.

  3. Discuss the development and adoption of a slogan/tag line to use throughout the project to promote the transformational nature of libraries—Committee members agreed upon the tagline “Libraries…for real life.” It was felt that this option opened the door to other uses, and could be supported with various secondary taglines for specific uses. For example, we could add text like “Tell your story!” or “Making a difference today!” or any number of possibilities.

  4. Review examples of other campaigns. Any ideas here we can use?—We opted to continue doing this on our own and shared good examples that could be modified to fit our needs.

  5. Preliminary discussion about what format we want to use: video, print ads, web, etc. This will shape to some degree what we do—Members felt it would be good to be flexible and plan for all of these mediums. Mark will draft a press release and shorter newsletter article to promote the project to the library community and among library users. Mark and Trish Priewe will work together to create some print Public Service Announcements/Ads, Posters, bookmarks, fliers, etc. that libraries can use to promote the effort to gather patron stories.

    We will continue working on this through the summer and will try and promote it to libraries and in communities, then do a major push in the fall, perhaps in conjunction with Library Card Sign Up Month in September.

  6. What is the next step?—

    Tana will secure the URL, which is available. She will then begin work on developing a blog-based website through which people can tell their stories.

    Mark will post some three writeboards on the BaseCamp website—one to compared the various media options and their costs; one to allow committee members to offer content ideas for the various promotional tools to be created; and one to offer suggestions for the types of promotional tools that should be employed in the campaign.

    Mark and Trish will collaborate on some printed promotional materials.

  7. Assignments for next meeting?—See #6 above.

  8. Establish Future meeting dates (everyone have their calendar handy)—We will meet Tuesday, May 19 and June 16, from 10 a.m. until Noon (GoToMeeting). Further meeting dates will be determined at the May meeting.

  9. Other Business—None.

  10. Adjourn -- Adjourned about 11:30 a.m.


For more information about the Marketing & PR Advisory Committee, contact Mark Ibach.