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Marketing & PR Advisory Committee Minutes
from May 19, 2009, Meeting

  1. Approved of Minutes from April 21, 2009 Meeting -- No Changes

  2. Review adopted tagline—“Libraries…for real life.” -- Everyone is still comfortable with the tagline. Gave clarification to those that missed the last meeting and everyone is on board. We discussed the creation of kickers to go with the tagline (to help explain the context) and we decided to make entries on a new writeboard (called Tagline Kicker Ideas). These suggestions will be made this week and the group will decide on a kicker (through Basecamp) by Friday, May 29. This will be needed so work on a new website can proceed.

  3. Follow-up on next step items:
    1. What is the status of the URL -- Tana has obtained both the .com and .org versions of www.librariesforreallife... We will promote the .org version. Mark Ibach and Rose Ziech will make arrangements for the URL to direct visitors to a page we host, and they will work on a preliminary draft of a website.
    2. How can we start using the website now? Should we set up a form to collect stories and photos? -- This page will use the SCLS logo, but have a look different than other SCLS web pages. It will also include information about the project and what we're trying to accomplish. Mark will create a web form (and a companion print form) for obtaining stories from librarians and library users. He will also create a dedicated permission form for this project. It will be available as a PDF in Basecamp, and will specify that the permission is for use on the website, in advertising, and in the various promotional materials we'll produce. Mark will also attempt to get permissions for some of the video clips that were part of the "Speak Up for Libraries" video in 2005. To help jump-start the process, committee members are going to submit some of the stories they've already collected (to be shared on the writeboard Library Stories). From these we'll select stories to include on the website.
    3. Writeboards for: Media Options & Costs, Promotional Ideas—Content Suggestions & Promotional Ideas—Materials -- Tana will post to Basecamp the information she has on media options and costs. Everyone else will submit their ideas for the materials they'd like to see and the content they want included.
    4. Mark Ibach and Trish Priewe will meet Friday, May 21, to discuss the development of promotional materials.

  4. Establish future meeting dates -- June 16 was scheduled at the last meeting, and we added July 21 to the list. We will decide the August meeting date at our June meeting.

  5. Other Business -- None

  6. Adjourn


For more information about the Marketing & PR Advisory Committee, contact Mark Ibach.