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Marketing & PR Advisory Committee Minutes
from July 21, 2009, Meeting

  1. Approval of minutes from June 16, 2009, meeting—approved without change.

  2. Follow-up on assignment from last meeting (see minutes)—Mark completed the story submission form, and committee members reviewed it and made some modifications. Mark said he would post the changes after the meeting and re-post (he did). He added a spot for people to indicate their library, changed the header of the section for entering stories to say “What’s Your Story?”, and he added permission language at the end of the form, and a requirement to agree to it before stories can be submitted. We also made a decision to embed the form on the project website so we can better maintain the integrity of the design. We also can then use Google Analytics to monitor traffic at the page.

    Tana will talk to Greg Barniskis about getting the URL (not yet active) redirected to a page on the SCLS website.

    We also reviewed the permission form and made several modifications so it was clear that individual libraries also could use the stories/photos. We also added language that the photos and stories can be used for both for library promotion and fundraising.

  3. Collection of library stories from committee members—Tana is going to draft an email that she’ll send to SCLS-Announce and SCLS-Directors to tell them about the project and to invite libraries to begin collecting & submitting stories. These would be used to “seed” the website with the kinds of stories we hope to find.

    Mark will get permission to use some of the video interviews from the 2005 “Speak Up for Your Library” project.

  4. Review web form at (see above)

  5. Review draft promotional materials from Trish?—These materials are posted online and everyone was pleased with Trish’s effort. The only change was to some of the wording on the bookmark to make it the same as on the poster and table tent. Trish also will create a one-page sheet (with information from the poster) that libraries can use for those patrons who prefer to submit their stories on paper.

  6. Website content discussion?—We did talk about this again, and confirmed that we’ll have the form, an explanation of the project and why we’re doing it, and then stories. We also decided that we’ll create a project YouTube Channel, but we’ll embed some of the videos on the website so people aren’t directly away from the site. We’re also going to create an archive of promotional materials, plus an archive of what individual libraries do to promote the project, and how they use the stories (annual reports, brochures, videos, etc.). We also decided to create some sort of Program Overview (Mark will create) that can be given to the media, and a fact sheet (Tana will create) about library service within SCLS (why are libraries great). We also talked about creating a sheet with talking points that librarians can use when they get questions about the project.

    We had some discussion about whether the new web page should be static, or more of a Blog type format that is data driven. Mark is going to talk to Rose about this and see what our options are. We may want to offer the ability to search for stories by library/community, so the format may enhance or limit this functionality.

    We also talked about playing with the SCLS map and using it somehow on this website. Mark and Rose will explore that.

    The goal is to have a nearly-finished draft of the page for the next meeting (Aug. 25, 2009).

  7. Assignments for next meeting?—Explained above.

  8. Establish Future meeting dates (everyone have their calendar handy)—The next meeting will be held Tuesday, Aug. 25, at 11 a.m. The September meeting will be held on the 15th at 11 a.m.

  9. Other Business—None

  10. Adjourn


For more information about the Marketing & PR Advisory Committee, contact Mark Ibach.