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Marketing & PR Advisory Committee Minutes
from September 15, 2009, Meeting

Present: Mark Ibach, Mary Friesen, Vicky Billings, Trisha Priewe, Rose Ziech, Tana Elias, Jennifer Endres & Demita Gerber

  1. Welcome—

  2. Approval of minutes from Aug. 25, 2009, meeting—Vicky moved, Trish 2nd. Approved

  3. Review website development and discuss (what still needs to be done)—Reviewed Tana’s Learn More information. Mark will draft an intro paragraph for the “How You Can Help” section. Also, Mark will add a link to the Library Use Value Calculator, and title it “Calculate your library use.”

    Under “Facts About Public Libraries, pull in System information. Look at average cost per taxpayer and SCLS circulation data. Also pull in data from economic study. Under “Libraries are busier than ever,” take out 4th item about borrowing DVDs.

    In this same section, also indicate that the economic recovery info is from WLA. Make lists shorter.

    Under “At Your Library,” add list of libraries to map. Make map auto show library names and info. Under the “Share Your Story” links, Add language to the web form (and print form) that we reserve the right to edit. Also, that not all stories will be used. Put that message in the form email and response page.

  4. When do we announce website and begin promoting it?—We’ll look over by email. Plan for launching it on Oct. 1.

  5. Assignments for next meeting?—Rose and Mark will take care of the items above.

  6. Our next meeting is Oct. 13 at 11 a.m. Do we want to set a November meeting date? (have your calendar handy)—Decided not to schedule a November meeting yet.

  7. Other Business—Some talk about how we post the files. Mark will take email submissions and post to BaseCamp and ask people to respond.

  8. Adjourn


For more information about the Marketing & PR Advisory Committee, contact Mark Ibach.