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Marketing & PR Advisory Committee Minutes
from November 10, 2009, Meeting

Present: Mark Ibach, Tana Elias, Jennifer Endres & Mary Friesen

  1. Welcome

  2. Approval of minutes from Oct. 13, 2009, meeting — Jennifer Endres(1) & Mary Friesen(2)

  3. Thoughts about the project, website or promotional materials now that the Libraries for Real Life is up and running? — Committee members felt Mark should continue to put reminders in Online, although perhaps only every-other issue.

    Mark will also put out a note to directors to remind them to get the Libraries for Real Life logo on their website (Rose can put it there if she maintains the site, or the libraries can download the logo from

    Tana asked Mark to create a square logo (which he did after the meeting) at 160×160 pixels.

  4. Stories received so far? (see whiteboard) — Committee members like the two stories that have been received. Mark will prepare them for posting to the website, and will follow up to try and get photos.

  5. Next step? — Committee members decided to continue as is until the end of the year. Concerned that it’s such a busy time of year that few libraries will take on another project if they haven’t already done so. In early January we’ll meet again to talk about some renewed promotional efforts, including the possibility of advertising and Public Service Announcements.

  6. Assignments for next meeting? — Creation of the square web button (Mark completed) and the addition of the two stories to the website (Mark).

  7. Establish future meeting dates? — Mark will create a Doodle to schedule the January meeting.

  8. Other business — None.

  9. Adjourn

For more information about the Marketing & PR Advisory Committee, contact Mark Ibach.