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Technology Committee Agenda

December 8, 2010, 10:00am
SCLS Headquarters

  1. Call to Order
    1. Introduction of guests/visitors
    2. Changes/Addition to the Agenda
    3. Requests to address the Committee

  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes
    1. October 13, 2010 Meeting Minutes

  3. Reports of action of committees/workgroups
    1. Office 2007 Update
      1. Jon Mark will update the Technology Committee on any new developments with the Office 2007 project
    2. Windows 7 Update
      1. Jon Mark will be updating the TC on the current Windows 7 project, including information about server and PC upgrade work
    3. Technology Team Staff Update
      1. Jon Mark will be reporting on the progress of merging the two technology teams over the past 11 months, including progress on SCLS network and PC convergence
    4. Cluster Reports
      1. Opportunity for Cluster Reps to share news or issues from their clusters
    5. Fiber Project Update
      1. Update on Federal Stimulus Grant Fiber Project
    6. E-mail Workgroup report
      1. Update from the E-mail Workgroup
    7. VOIP workgroup report
      1. Update from the VOIP Workgroup

  4. Discussion
    1. Patron PC Model*
      1. A discussion of the Patron PC model document, revised with changes from the Technology Committee and Technology Team
    2. The Partnership Program Service*
      1. A discussion of the Partnership Program service document, a service SCLS will offer in 2011
    3. Mobile Devices and Gadgets Service*
      1. A discussion of the Mobile Devices and Services document, detailing SCLS’s plan for offering support for mobile devices such as iPads, Kindles, etc.
    4. Mobile Web Sites
      1. Discussion of Mobile Web Sites: Is anyone developing one now? What are some of the commercial solutions out there? (Independent of any LINKCat development).
    5. Applying for library card online
      1. Discussion of whether SCLS can offer a service for patrons wanting to apply for a library card online (may actually be an ILS committee discussion item).
    6. Evaluation of the Meeting
      1. An opportunity to review and evaluate our meeting today. What went right? What could we improve?

  5. Plan for next meeting of Technology Committee
    1. January, 2011
    2. Preliminary agenda items
    3. Goals for next meeting

*Documents to be provided


For more information about the Technology Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.