July 13, 2012

10:00 am




1.       Call to Order

a.        Members:

Meg Allen, Baraboo; Lori Belongia, Marshfield; Jean Christensen, Belleville; Carol Froistad, Madison; Suzann Holland, Monroe; Shannon Schultz, Portage; Jeff Wavrunek, Adams County; Bob Stack, Portage County

b.      Introduction of Guests/Visitors

c.       Changes to the Agenda

d.      Requests to Address the Committee


2.       Discussion

a.       Revisit conclusions from last meeting with new input from AC  and initial report from Laura Page on governance and communication

b.      Goal of governance should include decision making (missing from our group’s list)

c.       How are decisions made? 


3.       All Directors Meeting

a.       Presenters of practical tips – S. Schultz

b.      Do we still want to focus on just clusters?

c.       What information can we collect at All Directors, so as to make recommendations for next steps?

                                                                           i.      Identify areas for change for next work group to implement?

                                                                         ii.      Should All Directors II include governance review AND future budget discussions?