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SCLS Marketing Work Group Minutes

May 9, 2012, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
(SCLS Professional Collection Room & GoToMeeting)

The one concrete idea coming out of today’s meeting was the creation of a video (or series of videos) that can be shared on YouTube and Facebook. The idea is to create a clever, funny, unique video about libraries -- more specifically, what libraries offer to the customers they serve.

Emphasizing return on investment was suggested.

One member mentioned that while numbers are important, we really can’t quantify the things that are most important.

Later suggestion was to create  a series of videos (with common cast) that covers

  • library numbers
  • anecdotes/stories about what libraries do
  • SCLS services
  • services to teens

There was also some discussion about the possibility of creating some sort of general packet of information that libraries can use then they meet with community groups and service agencies. Most of this packet would be information applicable to all libraries, but one piece could be modified to reflect local information.

A suggestion also was made to create an Anime comic book with short stories about libraries that would dispel library myths.

One comment was that we need to identify the target audiences for any of these information tools. Remember that

  • people who use the library may not know about all the services
  • non-users--how do we reach them?

Just as the conversation began to roll along, we started to have troubles with the audio in GoToWebinar. Because people were having a difficult time hearing, we ended the meeting early. Our plan is to get together again in June to further develop our ideas. Susan and Mark discussed after that meeting that we might be more productive if we met in person for a longer meeting. To that end, we talked about meeting at either Adams County Public Library or the Charles and JoAnn Lester Library in Nekoosa. What do people think about this?