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SCLS Marketing Work Group Minutes

June 20, 2012, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
(Adams County Public Library)

Here is what we decided to do:

Delivery Video

Mark will put together delivery video from clips in Partnership video (showing in fast motion delivery staff in action sorting items from red bins), over which he will show delivery statistics (music running in background). The video will begin in a dark room in someone’s home. The lights will come on and a person in slippers will move to a computer and place a hold. That will start in motion the  delivery sorting segment, after which we will cut to the library and who the person getting out of the car. We’ll see the slippered-feet come out of the car, then those will be replaced with other footwear. The customer will then come into the library to the holds shelf and retrieve their item. Perhaps have them jump for joy? After they get the item (book or DVD), have the person start to leave the library, but they pass a mob of kids walking toward the storytime room. Our actor should then pause, turn, and then just disappear into the library.

Cute Video (book being read)

Using the book Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, each library present will videotape four or five people reading this book (siblings to each other, parent to child, in spanish, hmong or other language, to a dog or cat, to a plant, in the library, under a tree, etc.

We will then take one- or two-page clips from each and splice them all together so the entire book is read

Going for the cute factor here with an emphasis on encouraging literacy. We’ll have some sort of tagline at the beginning and end that this is from the South Central Library System and Your Public Library.

Other Discussion

Work Group members did not think reviving observance week materials was particularly useful. Mark will explore the cost of banners that SCLS could lend out. However, the general consensus was that banners specific to individual libraries would be more useful. Press Kit should have some of the following items (We will develop this sharing in this forum (GoogleDocs)

  • System Facts – Focus on how our services support library. Create something similar to OCLC piece.
  • Graphics of data about libraries
  • SCLS Statistics then a section of the piece for your library statistics
  • Elevator speeches
  • Create a document with fields that tell you when to plug in data from a specific line on the annual report.
  • Collect ideas from libraries about to approach Jaycee, Rotary or Kiwanis meetings (how to talk about the library and make it memorable. What has worked for you?)
  • How do you approach different target audiences
    • Elected officials
    • Councils/boards
    • Clubs and organizations
    • Charitable Organizations/Foundations
    • Supporters
  • Libraries for Real Life – Can we make the website easier so libraries can post their own stories.