Cornerstone Award

The Cornerstone Award is given annually to an individual or individuals who have had a significant and long-term impact on enhancing public libraries in South Central Wisconsin and represent the values and mission of the South Central Library System Foundation.

The 2014 Cornerstone Award Reception will be held Thursday, Nov. 20, at the 5100 Bar, 5100 Erling Avenue, McFarland, WI.

The recipient for 2014 is Francis Cherney (Wood County).

New for 2014 are three special library awards: the "Super Awesome Library Award", the "Program Wizard Award," and the "What A Great Idea Award." Visit the award page for more information.

The Cornerstone Award Reception has raised over $60,000 for the foundation in five years. The 2013 event raised more than $12,000.

Past recipients include:

For more information, contact Martha Van Pelt, South Central Library System Director, (608) 246-7975.