ILS Support


  • 9/1/2017 The monthly Koha reports for August 2017 can be found online.
  • 8/31/2017 On August 31 over 18,000 patron Messages dated between 4/01/17 and 8/30/2017 were copied from their Check Out screens and added into their Patron Block History tables/screens. A report was sent out to all directors and circ staff. Please confirm that Messages were copied to History before deleting them from the Check Out screen. We will next copy Messages in 12/2017.
  • 8/30/17 A new Shelving Location of MKSP (Makerspace) has been added to Koha. See the LINK 2.0 Koha blog post for more details. 
  • 8/22/17 On August 2, the ILS Committee approved the new Shelving Location MKSP (Makerspace) and moving forward with the ILS Evaluation. Read all about it in the minutes. Also see the August ILS Report to see what is happening with the ILS. 
  • 8/22/17 See the blog post about tweaks to two of the reports in Crystal Reports. 
  • 8/17/17 42,681 items and 4,995 bibliographic records (with only withdrawn items attached) were deleted in the monthly batch deletion of withdrawn items.
  • 8/17/17 3,976 bibliographic records were added and/or updated in the database between 7/19/17 and 8/16/17.
  • 8/8/17 The monthly and LINKcat Mobile reports for July are posted.
  • 8/7/17 The SCLS ILS Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the upcoming ILS Evaluation. If you are interested, see the form for more details and to submit your name for consideration.
  • 8/1/17 The monthly Koha reports for July 2017 can be found online.