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What is the SCLS-MALC Job Shadowing Program

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How does it work?

General guidelines for visitors

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Participating Libraries

What is the SCLS-MALC Job Shadowing Program?

Job shadowing is an opportunity for SCLS member library professional and paraprofessional staff to gain first-hand knowledge in library work. A job shadowing visit may be 2, 4, or 8 hours in duration. Visitors are matched with host libraries to interact with their staff and observe services and processes of interest. A job shadowing experience can help participants:

Definition of terms:

Host: The SCLS member (public or multitype) library (or library department) that offers to host individuals from other SCLS member libraries, who have expressed an interest in visiting and observing the practices at another library.
Visitor: The individual from a SCLS member library (public or multitype) who goes to visit and observe at another SCLS member library.

How Does it Work?

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General guidelines for visitors


The Day on the job


General Guidelines for Host


The Day on the job



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