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Important Information About Payments From Adjacent Counties

Background Information

A provision of Act 420, passed in May 2006, extends to adjacent counties the requirement that they reimburse public libraries for serving residents who live in areas of the county without public library service. Counties were first required to reimburse libraries in adjacent counties during 2008.

Beginning in 2013, SCLS began offering to do the actual "billing" of adjacent counties of behalf of interested member libraries.  July 1, 2016 is the deadline to submit requests to adjacent counties, based on 2015 circulation. March 1, 2017 is the deadline for public libraries to receive those adjacent county payments.

Calculations of adjacent county reimbursements are based upon three pieces of information available from your library's 2015 Wisconsin Public Library Annual Report:

  • The number of loans in 2015 from your library to residents of that county, who live outside municipalities with libraries.
  • Your library’s total 2015 circulation.
  • Your library’s total 2015 operating expenditures (excluding any expenditures paid with federal funds).

Helpful Documents

Whether your library handles your owning billing of adjacent counties or prefers to have SCLS handle it, these documents will assist you: 

  • Amounts SCLS Libraries are Eligible to Receive from Adjacent Counties in 2017 (.pdf). All SCLS-member libraries are included in this spreadsheet; those libraries that are due reimbursement have both 100% and 70% funding levels included. The calculated "cost per circulation" has full decimal points "behind the scenes," so the final reimbursement may be slightly higher or lower depending on whether the reimbursing county rounds or truncates decimal places to 2 places.
  • Sample Statement to County Clerks (Word) provides a suggested format you may use to submit your statement requesting reimbursement from adjacent counties.  For each adjacent county, transfer the appropriate information from the Adjacent County Spreadsheet to the statement and send the statement to the county clerk by July 1, 2016. This statement is only a sample. You may adapt it, or design another version of your own choosing. Some counties may ask you for additional information, or prescribe the form you should use, or ask that you send the statement to someone other than the county clerk.   

More Information

For more information, see FAQ About County Library Funding to Libraries in Adjacent Counties (Act 420) (from DPI / DLT). It may also be helpful to review Wisconsin Statutes 43.12 (.pdf)

For more information, contact: