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Reasons to promote the use of LearningExpress Library

People of all ages are required to take examinations, whether it be for academics or career advancement. And where do they turn when they need help? It’s often to the public library, and a new online resource provides exciting tools that will serve these needs in your community.

You’ve heard the questions!

Resources like LearningExpress also directly impact the good will you create by being able to provide library users with access to a resource that addresses an important need in their life. When you make that sort of impact, and the person thanks you, be sure to record their name and comments. You may want them to speak up for your library in the future.

You also can use LearningExpress resources as a collection development tool. How often do you get requests for study books to help patrons prepare for various civil service exams? The availability of LearningExpress can help answer questions like:

Because of the resources available in LearningExpress Library, you may choose to withdraw the books you have, or at least not replace them when they're updated. This frees up both collection development resources and valuable shelf space.


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