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OverDrive Promotional Materials

Through the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC), library customers can download ebooks and audio books from “Wisconsin's Digital Library” using a service called OverDrive. OverDrive ebooks work on most ebook readers -- like Kindles, Nooks, Sony Readers & iPads -- plus most smart phones.

The newest feature from OverDrive is called "See book. Read book." You simply find the book you want, click on the title, and select "Borrow." You can then start reading immediately by clicking the "Read" button. Or, you can visit your "Bookshelf" to download the ebook.

Most audio books available through OverDrive will play on devices that support the WMA format, but Wisconsin's Digital Library also has a growing number of audio books in MP3 format, which will play on iPods and other devices that do not support the WMA format. For a complete list of supported devices, visit the OverDrive Device Resource Center.


To help make patrons aware of the resource and it's features, OverDrive has created promotional materials that have been customized with the WPLC URL (.pdf).

Smart Guides -- 2-up & 3-up | Bookmarks | Poster | Fliers -- full-page & half-page | Quick Tips (being updated)

OverDrive also has developed materials (.pdf) to help people know what eReaders they can use with the WPLC Digital Download Center. Other documents explain how to download ebooks to an eReader or a smartphone, and a series of online videos guide you through the steps of using this resource with various electronic devices.

Streaming Video

Promotional materails also are available to help libraries get the word out about the new video streaming resource available through Wisconsin's Digital Library. There is also a special streaming video help page that libraries can promote for customer use.

Press Release | Fliers -- full-page & half-page | Website & Facebook Graphics -- square & rectangle)


New to "Wisconsin's Digital Library" are periodicals that can be read on computers or any number of portable devices. To use this new resource you must download the Nook Reading App (available for most mobile phones or tablets), or have a Nook Tablet. To help library customers make the most of the new OverDrive perioodicals, several information resources are available.

Information/Instruction Sheet | Instructional Video


You can download and print any of these files yourself, or we can print copies for SCLS member libraries (charged against your annual printing allocation). To request printed materials, contact Mark Ibach.

Visit the WPLC site for more information about downloading the installing software, and which mobile devices are compatible. More information is also available at

For more information about marketing and public relations, contact Mark Ibach.