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The marketing and public relations needs of libraries have changed dramatically in recent years, and the stakes are higher than ever. Today's libraries provide residents an array of expertise, services and resources, but inadequate promotion means they're lost in a vast sea of competing options.

This Online PR Toolkit is an effort to put tools into the hands of library staff members so they can better manage their Marketing and PR efforts. We're still available to draft press releases and other public information tools, but we know there are times when you need and want to have such tools at your disposal. Having said that, it is important to remember that some of the Sample Promotional Materials available here are very generic and will need modification to personalize them for your use.

Sample Promotional Materials
Sample Program Press Release | Sample Program Reminder Notice | Sample Event Press Release | Sample Event Reminder Notice | Sample Personnel Press Release | Annual Reports
Planning Materials
Press Release Contents Guidelines | Activity Planning Checklist & Promotion Suggestions | Photographic Considerations When Planning Events | Taking Better Photographs | Photographic Permissions
Developing A Marketing Plan
Introduction | Basics for Success | Implementation | Other Resources

Speak Up for Your Library
Project Homepage | Program Explanation | Sign-up Cards (pdf) | Bookmarks (pdf) | Poster (pdf) -- 8.5x11 | Outreach Ideas | Other Resources...

Promotional Materials for LINKcat
Customer Information Card | Talking Points | Instructional Bookmarks | New LINKcat logo (jpg) | LINKcat web logo (jpg)
Website Development
Creating A Website with Style and Substance [Part 1 -- Substance] [Part 2 -- Style]
Program Resources
UW-Madison Press Authors Available as Speakers | UW Extension | Wisconsin Technical College System
ALA Resources
Public Information Office | Online Member Media Relations Tools | Library Advocate’s Guide to Building Information Literate Communities

For more information about marketing and public relations, contact Mark Ibach.