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Configuring your firewall

Some personal firewalls interfere with access to our online resources. Below are instructions on how to configure the most common home firewalls to access these resources.

To configure Norton Internet Security:

  1. Open Norton Internet Security by double-clicking on the icon in the taskbar (looks like a globe)
  2. Choose “Privacy Control”
  3. In the right-hand column, click on “Configure”
  4. Click on the “Advanced” button near the bottom of the window.
  5. Click the “Add Site” button.
  6. Type in the URL as listed below, and click “OK”.
    1. EBSCOHost: and
    2. ReferenceUSA:
    3. HeritageQuest:
  7. Click on the URL you added in Step 6.
  8. On the “Global Settings” tab, uncheck “Use default settings” under “Information about visited sites”.
  9. Then check “Permit” under the same setting.
  10. Click “OK” twice.

To configure ZoneAlarm Pro:

If you are using the free version of ZoneAlarm, you should not need to configure your firewall to access any resources. However, ZoneAlarm Pro adds privacy protection that interferes with using our resources.

  1. Open ZoneAlarm Pro by double-clicking on the icon in the taskbar.
  2. Select "Privacy"
  3. Under Cookie Control, click "Custom"
  4. In Custom Privacy Settings, uncheck the box that says, "Remove private header information."
  5. Click "OK".

To configure Internet Cleanup (Allume Systems) for the Mac:

  1. Open Internet Cleanup.
  2. In the "NetBlockade" settings, disable both the pop-up and ad blockers. The cookies and referrers buttons can remain on.



If you are still unable to connect to a resource after configuring your firewall, please contact your local public library. See our Directory of Public Libraries to find contact information.