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Windows Vista and 7 for Patron PCs

SCLS is beginning to convert patron PCs from XP to Vista or 7, which will bring some changes. Here are the highlights:

Standard configurations

When Windows XP was rolled out, SCLS gave libraries many configuration options for their patron PCs. As we move to Windows Vista and 7, we will be providing more features and fewer options in order to simplify support.
Libraries will be able to select:

These “full internet” and “catalog” configurations include default collections of programs that will not be customizable.

Depending on when your library’s PCs were ordered, they will be upgraded to either Vista or Windows 7.  These will be very similar in their look and feel and the same in their program availability.  Windows 7 is being piloted right now with Vista soon to come.

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Standard sets of programs

(click on PC type for full listing)

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Restarting for privacy

In the past, “LINK” patron PCs were configured to erase data on logoff using custom scripts. With Windows Vista/7, PCs will erase data on restart instead. There are 2 ways this will occur:

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Working with digital media files

Some of the programs new to the SCLS Vista and 7 PCs are Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Movie Maker, iTunes, and VLC Media Player. These are programs used for working with digital media files like audio files, pictures, and video.

Importing photos and videos

Patrons will be able to import photos and videos using Windows Live Photo Gallery. Videos can be edited in Windows Live Movie Maker.
Vista and 7 will recognize many digital cameras, video cameras, media players, cell phones, and other portable devices. Libraries may wish to invest in a USB card reader or two to assist patrons in accessing files from devices not recognized by Vista or 7.


Scanners can be ordered through SCLS. Call the Help Desk for more information.
For portable scanning, we recommend a current model of ViewPoint Handheld scanner.

For flatbed scanning, we recommend a current model of Canon Scanner.

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Safely removing USB devices

To safely remove a USB device from a patron PC...

  1. Right-click or left-click this icon

  2. Click Eject Data Traveler G3 (the name of the device will vary)

  3. You can safely remove your USB device from the PC

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Getting Help

With the additional programs  and newer versions, patrons may need assistance. Each program has either a Help icon in the upper right or a Help menu in the program menu for more information which can assist them.  A quick internet search should also turn up tutorial videos and other help pages.

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For more information, contact the Help Desk: (608) 242-4710.