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Save Attachments Outside of Thunderbird


Thunderbird works with attachments differently than Eudora so maybe you should too.  In Thunderbird, if you open an attached document, edit it, close it and reopen it, you’ll see that your edits are gone.  Why is that?  When you received an attachment in Eudora, Eudora squirreled the attachment away in a separate folder.  In Thunderbird, attachments are integrated into the email message.  See example below of an integrated attachment in Thunderbird.

Integrated Attachment Example

When an integrated attachment is opened, it opens as a temporary file.  This has HUGE implications.  When you edit a temporary file, the edit is not permanent.    In order to edit an attachment, you must save the attachment outside of Thunderbird.

  1. To save an attachment outside of Thunderbird, right click the attachment (within Thunderbird).
  2. Select Save As from the context menu.  A Save Attachment window will appear.

    Attachment Save As

  3. Click the down arrow associated with the Save in: field.  You can choose to save the attachment anywhere however, it will greatly streamline PC replacements (~400 staff PCs) if everyone saves their attachments to a personally labeled folder in the My Documents folder.  The rest of these instructions will show you how to do this.
  4. Select My Documents
  5. Double click the folder that you created during the Thunderbird migration.  Its name should be something like “<your name’s>Mail”, e.g. LuLu’sMail.  If you did not participate in the Thunderbird migration, create a folder for yourself in the My Documents folder and name it “<your name’s>Mail”.
  6. Double click the “<your name’s>Mail” folder.  If you participated in the Thunderbird migration, you’ll see a folder called Attachments.  If you didn’t participate in the Thunderbird migration, create a folder called Attachments.
  7. Double click the Attachments folder.  Now you’re at a decision point.  Do you want to keep Thunderbird’s attachments separate from Eudora attachments (if you migrated) or consolidate Thunderbird’s attachments with Eudora’s?
    • To keep Thunderbird’s attachments separate from Eudora’s, click the Save button.
    • To consolidate Thunderbird’s attachments with Eudora’s, double click the attach folder (that was created during the migration) and then click the Save button.
  8. The next time you want to save an attachment, Thunderbird will automatically position the new save in the same location as the previous save.