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Moving email to a folder


At first, there may be a temptation to move email to folders within Thunderbird just like you did in Eudora.  However, depending upon how many folders you have, this may turn out to be a very cumbersome proposition.  This document will show you how to “streamline” moving an email to a folder within Thunderbird after demonstrating the way that is similar to Eudora’s way to move email to a folder.


Thunderbird’s clunky method: move email to a folder (similar to Eudora’s way of moving) :

In Eudora, you could right click the mail that you wanted to move, select “Transfer” and then a list of all folders would fan out.  In Thunderbird, you can also right click the mail you want to move and select “Move To” but then things get clunky after that. 

Thunderbird Move To

  1. After “Move To” is selected, then what?  Most likely the majority of email will be stored in the “Local Folders” folder.
  2. Navigate to and select the “Local Folders” folder.
  3. You’ll see a list of all of your folders.  If your list is short, moving email this way might be the way to go.  But if your list is long…there is an easier method.

List of Thunderbird Folders

Thunderbird’s streamlined method: move email to folder:

Similar to Eudora, Thunderbird has a right and left pane.  The left pane lists the names of all the folders and the right pane lists the contents of a particular folder.  Let’s say that you want to move a file from the Inbox called “Re: Back of GX760” to the “Hardware” folder.

  1. In the right hand pane, scroll through the list of Inbox entries until you locate the file called “Re: Back of GX760”.
  2. In the left hand pane, scroll through the list of entries until you locate the target folder into which you want to store your file, “Hardware”.
  3. Once the source email and the target folder are nearly across from one another, drag the source email (“Re: Back of GX760”) and drop it into the target folder (Hardware).

Locate Target Folder for Move