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Office 2007 and Thunderbird’s handling of Office Attachments


If your PC received the Office upgrade to Office 2007 and you now receive an error message when opening Office documents in Thunderbird, use these instructions to fix the problem.

Steps to fix the problem

  1. In Thunderbird, select Tools and then Options.
  2. Select the Attachments category icon
  3. Click on the View and Edit actions button
  4. The Download Actions window will open

  5. Thunderbird Download Actions Window

  6. Highlight the first Microsoft application in the list.
  7. Click the Change Action button
  8. Select the Open them with this application radion button if it's not already selected.
  9. Click the Browse button.
  10. Click the down arrow associated with the Look in field
  11. Double click Local Disk (C:)
  12. Double click Program Files
  13. Double click Microsoft Office
  14. Double click Office 12
  15. Double click the file that's associated with the application that you highlighted previously:

    MS Office Application
    Double click this file name

    Note: You may not have all Office applications tied to Thunderbird. That's OK if you don't.

  17. Click the OK button
  18. Highlight the next Microsoft application in the list and repeat the same steps.
  19. Keep cycling through this process until all MS applications that are listed in Thunderbird have been converted to Office 2007 files.