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SCLS POP vs Local Folders


Thunderbird’s mailboxes are organized a bit differently than they had been in Eudora.  While the differences aren’t that important at the moment, they will be in the future so it’s a good idea to start treating them separately now. 


The "SCLS POP" area :

This area is currently labeled “SCLS POP” followed by your email address.  You can think of this area as your “new” mail.  This is where all new email will first arrive.  Unlike Eudora where you could leave all of your email in your In box forever, you will want to keep the size of your Thunderbird In box small.  This doesn’t mean you can’t leave anything in it, but you should either delete or move email down to a folder in the Local Folders area after you’ve dealt with it. 



The "Local Folders" area :

This can be thought of as the “archive” area.  This area is where you want to move mail to for permanent storage.  This is also where any mailboxes that you imported from Eudora go.  When you create mailboxes for organization, you want to create them in this area. While you are free to move and create folders in this area, you should not move folders from this area up to the SCLS POP area. 

Local Folders Area