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Composing and sending mail


  1. When you want to "Compose" a new email, click on the "Write" iconin the tool bar.
  2. A "Compose" window will appear.

Thunderbird Write Button

  1. The email address in the "To" field must include both the prefix and the suffix: everything before and after the @ symbol. In Thunderbird, if you want to send an email to an SCLS email address, you must type in the complete email address: After you do this once in Thunderbird, it will offer you an autocomplete selection screen so you can selet the completed email address during any future communication.
  2. There can be only one email address per line. In some email clients, if you were sending mail to multiple recipients, you'd type in a recipient, then a comma and then the next recipient. In Thunderbird, after you enter the first recipient on the first line, press the Enter key, type the second recipient on the second line, etc.
  3. Once you're ready to send a message, click the "Sent" icon.

Thunderbird Send Button


Note: If you want to "Cc" or "Bcc" a message, click the down arrow to the left of the "To" filed and make your selection. When you make this type of change, all further recipients will "inherit" the same setting (either "Cc" or "Bcc"). To change the recipient setting back to "To", you will need to click the down arrow again and select "To:".