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The SCLS Software Keeper

The SCLS Software Keeper is a simple system put together by SCLS staff to help libraries organize and keep track of the software and licenses purchased by their library. The Software Keeper is optional and can be requested by calling the Help Desk (608-242-4710).

Description of the Software Keeper

Increasingly when you buy software, especially if you’re buying multiple licenses, all you get is a CD and an email with the codes or even an email and a download link. And while not having to store a bunch of boxes is great, if you never make a copy of that software and license information, your install code and software is only a failed hard drive away from disappearing. If you lose the software or the license information, you may end up having to purchase the software again. Not to mention it’s already enough work to install or reinstall software on a PC, you don’t need to spend time searching for the software and codes.

The Software Keeper is meant to keep the installation media, the license and installation information for software in one place.  Licenses for the software that SCLS installs on your PC by default or licenses like Microsoft Office that are purchased through SCLS don’t need to be kept in there but any software the library purchases or uses should be kept there for when the software needs to be installed or re-installed. 

Software Keeper FAQ

What should you keep in the Keeper?

What else might I want to put in the Keeper?

What don’t I need to worry about putting in the Keeper?

Does this mean I can get rid of the boxes from boxed software?

I have a download I want to save.  What do I need to do so?

Using the Software Keeper

  1. Put the licensing and installation code information into one of the sheet protectors.
    1. Place the sheet or card that came with the software into one of the sheet protectors.
    2. If the software license and installation information was in an email, print that email and stick it in the sheet protector.
    3. If you want to put boxed software into the binder, make sure you find all the license and installation information and put that in the sheet protector. You may also want to put any other information that came with the software (manual, warranty page, etc.) with the license information as well as any proof of purchase, system requirements or any other useful information from the box.
  2. Put the CD/DVD into one of the disk holders in the disk holder pages in the back of the binder.
    1. If your software was only a download and didn't come with a disk, either burn a copy to a CD/DVD or copy it to a USB thumb drive. You should also label the disk/USB drive so you know what is on it.
    2. Even if it was free software you downloaded and you plan on just downloading the new version when you need to install it again, it's best to save a copy to disk and put it in the binder. That way you'll have a copy if the new version is buggy, doesn't work with your current version of Windows/Internet Explorer/Firefox/etc. or if the software is no longer available.
    3. If your software actually is from a floppy disk, copy it to a CD/DVD or USB thumb drive.
  3. If you have boxed software you wish to keep in the box, you can either put it in the Software Keeper box you received with the Software Keeper binder (if you asked for the box), or you can put the software in a separate location. If your boxed software is going to be in a separate location, put a note in the Software Keeper binder as to where the software is to aid in finding it when you need it.

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