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Questions and Answers related to the 3.7 upgrade


How do I access the admin site?  public reservation site?

All my patron PCs still say v 3.2 in the upper right corner. Is this correct?

How do I create and print temporary card numbers?

PCs are listed more than once in the drop-down box for a report: The Booking History by Workstation report displays more PCs than we have, with multiples of some names.  How do we get this down to a list of what PCs we really have?

Equipment Utilization Summary report: The Equipment Utilization Summary report used to report both bookings and sessions. It now reports only bookings. The state wants sessions for annual reports. Can we get sessions added back to this report?

Less than the full amount of time in a slot: Rather than give patrons a 30 minute slot, the countdown began at 29 minutes and 56 seconds, 29 minutes and 45 seconds and 30 minutes and 1 second for the three times we tried.  Each time, it brought up a "this slot has only x amoung of time left, do you still want to book?" window.  Is there a reason that it doesn't just start up with 30 minutes?

Temporary Card numbers expiration:  Is it possible to change the expiration time from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm?  11:59 pm May 29 is definitely the  end of May 29, so we know that we can recycle them when we close on that day.  12:00 am on May 30 we'll all recognize as midnight but it isn't quite as intuitive that it is the midnight before we open rather than the midnight after we close.

Printing Temporary Card numbers:  We are in the habit of printing out a number of temporary patron id slips each day for folks from out of town, who've spaced out their cards, etc.  When I printed out some slips this morning I found that they look different and I'm wondering if there are settings for these that I can change.  The old style slips had five lines with Identifier, Bar Code Number, NOTE, PIN, and Expiry Date Time.  The new slips omit the NOTE (which I'm not sure I like) but add Associated Card Number, Patron Type, and Internet Access Type.  We don't use any of those fields and would prefer that they not print both to limit confusion on the part of the patrons and to limit paper use by us (6 slips print to a page versus 8 the old way).  Is there any way to change some settings so those fields don't print?

End Booking / Force End Booking:  Does the end booking / force end booking work? we tried to use it on a staff registration. It cleared the booking from the list, but it was still active and in use.

Extending time for a session that is in-use: Is there a way to extend a patron's time on the computer while they are actually using the computer?  I've read the instructions, but only found a way to book it for longer. 

Error when creating an infraction: Why am I getting the error message "The Banned By field cannot be blank" when I try to create an infraction in the admin site?


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