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After each item is the creating library's code and the format of the document, if applicable.

Release Notes

  • Release notes covering changes changes between versions 3.2 and 4.2
    • 3.3 (pdf)
    • 3.4 (pdf)
    • 3.7 (pdf)
    • 3.9 (pdf)
    • 4.1 (pdf) - with notes by SCLS
    • 4.2 (pdf) - with notes by SCLS

Documentation for version 3.9

System-wide information

Introducing Library Online to your patrons

Daily tasks

Reservation "How-To"s for patrons

Workstation maintenance & training


  • Useful reports for desk staff (pdf): instructions and uses for the following reports:
    • Available workstations
    • Booking history by patron
    • Booking history by workstation
    • No show by branch
    • No show by patron
    • Scheduled bookings

Internet access cards

Print Management

For Library Online administrators

For more information about Library Online, contact Kerri Hilbelink.