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Notes from the 3/8/07 Telus Users Group


Daylight Savings Time patch reminder

All PCs should be ready for the early time change on March 11. If the clock on any library PCs does not make the change, libraries can contact the appropriate support people.


Print management update

Monona has had Print Management installed in their 12-workstation lab since May 2006 and has reported general success. Patrons learned how to use it quickly, thanks to some advance PR from the library. Madison Public Library is still working towards installing Print Management, while Marshfield opted not to do so.

Any library with a non-LINK lab that is interested in pursuing Print Management can contact Nichole for a demonstration and some investigation about whether it would work for them.

Tax season discussion

Marshfield, Pardeeville: Patrons seem to be able to finish their taxes in a regular session.

McMillan: Staff tries to take note of people coming to do their taxes, and let them know they can have a longer session, but most are OK without it. Many tax sites like H&R Block (but not the Wisconsin DOR) allow users to save their progress and return later.

Stoughton: Staff tries to refer people to a computer where they can get a longer session.

Sauk City: We post signs saying "Doing taxes? Check with us" that seem to help. People completing FAFSAs have been asking for more time as well.


Revisiting the Spanish-language option

Last year we discussed using the global setting to offer patrons a choice of Spanish or English before they log in. Since it adds an extra step for all users, most people weren't too strongly in favor of it. It will remain an option and if ever there's a strong need for it, we can discuss it again.

Many libraries' patrons seem to have no trouble signing in to Telus even if they don't speak much English. Plain has instructions in Spanish for using Telus that they'll share with the group.


Cool thing: using "Next Available" for combining sessions

Since last time we met, a bug has been fixed that allows you to consolidate consecutive sessions onto one computer using either "Search by PC" or "Search by Application." (It used to assign randomly, so sometimes you'd end up with 2 sessions back-to-back but on different workstations.)

Now, if you make a booking, then click "Choose a different search option" (or just do alt+left arrow or backspace to go back in the browser), and repeat the process, you can book 2 sessions back-to-back without a problem.


Auto-minimizing the Application Window option

A topic that's much easier to explain in person than to write about! In short, if you use the desktop as the only application on a non-LINK workstation, instead of using a list of applications, you can ask Dan to install a little program that automatically minimizes the window where patrons choose what application to start using.


Telus on LINK Windows XP machines

As the testing for the migration to XP continues, the latest news is that Telus will be set up on XP machines to launch the desktop (rather than a list of applications). The desktop will be very minimalist, with shortcut icons for each thing that the patron will be able to do on that workstation.


Breaking News

Just before the meeting, Stef got word that Active Network, a community service organization technology provider, has purchased the entire suite of municipal software, including Library Online, from Telus. Most of it, they aren't going to keep supporting and developing. But they will continue to support and develop Library Online, and begin more actively promoting it.

This might all be a good thing for us, especially if the current Library Online staff stay with the product. One downside is that we can't really call it "Telus" anymore.



Cindy from SKC won the Rob Lopresti CD.



For more information about Library Online, contact Brian Hahn.