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Current system-wide settings in Library Online

Some settings for Library Online are set at the system level. In SCLS, the current system-wide settings are:

The maximum number of minutes a patron is limited to per day. 270
The maximum number of active bookings a patron is allow to have. 46
The maximum number of bookings a patron is allowed to have per day. (Active + Non Active) 9
Number of no-shows a patron can have before receiving a warning. 2 in 7 days.
Number of no-shows a patron can have before being “banned”. 5 in 14 days.
Inactivity limit (before patron is warned. Patron will be logged off if no response in 10 seconds after the warning) 5 minutes
Warning message times (before the session will end) 6 minutes, 2 minutes, 10 seconds
Length of time patron data is stored on the Library Online server (only date, time, and station number for a patron number) 10 days

For more information about Library Online, contact Brian Hahn.