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Thunderbird upgrades for SCLS-supported staff PCs
and addon Messages

For the upgrade from the current Thunderbird to Thunderbird 10 on staff PCs, there will not be any sort of cleanup script like we had with the Firefox 3 to 10 upgrade.

After the upgrade, however, staff will receive a series of prompts about Thunderbird settings and may also receive prompts for addons they may have installed.

First screen: Click Next

First startup screen


Second screen: Keep the default setting and click Next

Second startup screen


Third screen: Just click Next.

Third Startup screen


Fourth screen: Just click Close.

Fourth startup screen


If you had any plugins installed in the previous version of Thunderbird, you may be prompted to update and/or enable the plugin at this point. If you had no plugins installed you should see the following screen:

Final startup screen

Click OK. That completes the initial screens. You should not see them again.


For more information about updates, contact the Help Desk: (608) 242-4710.