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How to join a TypePad blog

After you request an invitation, you will get an email form with the subject line, "scls has invited you to join [your blog name]." The email will look something like this:

TypePad email invitation

Follow the instructions in the email to get started. The pictures below will also walk you through the process.

If you need help, the TypePad "Knowledge Base" has answers as well.

When you click the "Accept or decline the invitation" link in the email from TypePad, you will be taken to this web page:

TypePad invitation screen


Click "Register for Free" in the green box. Then you'll see this registration screen:

TypePad registration form

Ignore the "30-day free trial" messages.

Fill in all the blanks, check the "I Agree" box, and click "Next."

Next, you'll see this screen. Click on "Accept Invitation."

Accept the invitation

You'll be whisked right into the blog controls, where you can click "Create a Post" to write your first blog entry.

Blog controls

Now you’re ready to post! Be sure to log out when you're done. To log back in, just go to and click "Members Sign In."

For more information about TypePad blogs, contact Rose Ziech.