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Wisconsin Homeshool Information
Wisconsin Parents Association -
The Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) is an inclusive state-wide grassroots organization that was founded in 1984 to secure a reasonable homeschooling law. WPA provides up-to-date information on homeschool legislation and provides networking opportunities for home educators.

A to Z Wisconsin Homeschool Information -
A list of links with sites that specifically address issues related to homeschooling in Wisconsin.

Homeschooling site from the DPI -
Provides information forms and responses to questions about homeschooling from the Department of Public Instruction.

DPI home-based registration form -
This is an informational copy only. To request the form, homeschoolers must contact the DPI at:
or write to:
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Bureau for School Management Services and Federal Aids
125 S. Webster St.
P.O.Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841

Other useful homeschooling web sites

Hoagies gifted web site -
Provides lots of information about homeschooling gifted kids and teens.

Homeschool Central -
Provides links to homeschool resources.

Lee & Low Books Homeschooling resources -

Provides activity ideas and resources to help homeschoolers learn about people of different races, cultures and beliefs. -
Provides information on unschooling and links to other useful resources.

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