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PUPPET PHOTO: Last year’s insect/reptile/amphibian march on her office left her visibly shaken, so SCLS Director Phyllis Davis took a more proactive approach to this year’s library puppet order. To help the puppets feel more a part of the libraries in which they’ll work, she provided a short primer on the 2009 Summer Library Program “Be Creative.” Puppet orders have been shipped.




SCLS Puppet Collection
Puppet Scripts
Puppet Techniques





SCLS Puppet Collection

SCLS owns several large puppets that member libraries can borrow to enhance story times and other library programs:


Puppet Scripts
Puppet Scripts (Legends &
Puppet show scripts for The Three Little Pigs, Iktomi and the Kettles, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The School Bus Blues.

Reader's Theater Editions (Aaron Shepard's Home Page)
Aaron Shepard’s readers’ theater scripts; scripts can be easily adapted to puppet scripts. (Many scripts are based on folk tales and legends from around the world.)

Puppets (A to Z Home's Cool)
An eclectic mix of drama and puppetry resources from a homeschooling web site. Includes skits from scouting events.

Drama (ProTeacher)
Links to drama sites and scripts, including puppet show scripts and others that are easily adaptable for puppet performances.

Recommended Books (Folkmanis)
While these aren't scripts, Folkmanis recommends many books to use with their puppets.

Puppet Techniques
Mister Anderson's Tips & Tricks (Mister Anderson's Company)
Provides tried & true program tips for librarians and teachers.  Mr. Anderson's also provides free downloadable resource guides.  Orders for puppets, books and other resources from this Wisconsin-based comany can be placed online.

5 Basic Techniques of Puppetry (Puppet Productions)
Five basic puppet techniques, including lip synchronization, mouth action, eye contact, posture and entrances & exits.

Puppetry Theme Page (Community Learning Network)
Includes links to many puppetry sites.


For more information, contact Shawn Brommer.