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School Visit Ideas
for SLP 2005

Did you know that the Primary Search database of the EbscoHost magazine database includes full text short stories from the Baby Bug, Lady Bug, Spider and Cricket magazines?   I found a few short stories that can be easily adapted into brief, funny skits that you can use during your school visits to publicize the Summer Library Program.

These are my favorite stories:
Mirabella the Magnificent and the Dragon by Cheryl Mendenhall (Spider, Feb. 2004, Vol 11, Issue 2, pg. 27, 5 pgs)

Waiting for a White Knight by Teresa Bateman (Cricket, Oct 93, Vol. 21, Issue 2, pg. 26, 3 pgs)

Why Dragons Don't Have Handkerchiefs by J.S. Fox (Spider, Sept. 2003, Vol 10, Issue 9, pg 22, 3 pgs)
This article isn't available as a full text short story, but it’s so great and Miriam from Baraboo had the original magazine and was kind enough to send me a copy.   Contact Shawn if you want a copy of this short story – I think that it would be a fun story to use!

Two other stories that are a bit longer, but still appropriate:
Dragon Difficulties by Monica Roe (Spider, Oct 2004, Vol 11, Issue 10, pg 25, 6 pgs)

Thoughts of a Drought Dragon by Geraldine McCaughrean (Cricket, Jan 2004, Vol 31, Issue 5, pg 11, 6 pgs)

Simple props include dragon, princess and knight puppets.
To make appropriate props, visit:

Dragon paper plate puppet from the Kansas City Public Library Interchange Network

Not so scary sock or glove dragon puppet from

Princess puppet made from lunch bag from DLTK

Princess tiara from

Knight’s shield from

Knight helmet made from a plastic milk carton from Kids

For more information about Summer Library Program, contact Shawn Brommer.