Delivery Network Member (For:)See alsoOther nameSystem delivery hub (To:)Delivery ScheduleViaBranch/Member ofType of library
Abbotsford High SchoolWisconsin Valleyvia Abbotsford Public LibraryK-12 Schools
Abbotsford Public LibraryWisconsin ValleyMWF 11:55 Public Libraries
Adams County Public LibrarySouth CentralM-F 8:10 Public Libraries
Adams-Friendship Area School DistrictSouth Centralvia Adams County Public LibraryK-12 Schools
Administration & Support Centery (Kenosha)Kenosha CountyM-F 8:30 + 10:10 + 1:00 + 1:15 S 9:00 + 1:00 Part of: Kenosha Public LibraryPublic Libraries
Albany Public LibraryAlbertson Memorial LibrarySouth CentralM-F 9:00 Public Libraries
Albany School DistrictSouth Centralvia Albany Public LibraryK-12 Schools
Albertson Memorial LibraryAlbany Public Library
Algoma Public LibraryNicoletM 8:35 T-F 8:15 Public Libraries
Alice Baker Memorial LibraryEagle Public Library
Alicia Ashman BranchSouth CentralM-F 7:25 + 12:50 S 7:55 + 11:55 Part of: Madison Public LibraryPublic Libraries
Allen-Dietzman Public LibraryLivingston Public Library
Alma Public LibraryWinding RiversMWF 10:25 Public Libraries
Almond Branch LibrarySouth CentralTRF 11:30 Part of: Portage County Public LibraryPublic Libraries
Almond-Brancroft School DistrictSouth Centralvia Almond Branch LibraryK-12 Schools
Altoona Public LibraryIFLSM-F 8:00 Public Libraries
Alverno College LibrarySWITCHM-F 8:35 (Delivery by SCLS to SWITCH hub) Private Colleges
Amery High SchoolIFLSvia Amery Public LibraryK-12 Schools
Amery Public LibraryIFLSM-F 7:00 Public Libraries
Amherst Public LibraryLettie W. Jensen Public Library South CentralMWF 10:30 Public Libraries
AMP (Astronomy, Math, Physics) LibraryUW-MadisonMWF 11:15 University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries
Angie W. Cox Public LibraryPardeeville Public Library
Antigo Public LibraryWisconsin ValleyMTR 2:30 Public Libraries
Antigo School DistrictWisconsin Valleyvia Antigo Public LibraryK-12 Schools
Appleton Public LibraryOutagamie-WaupacaM-F 8:30 + 3:30 Public Libraries
Appleton School DistrictOutagamie-Waupacavia Appleton Public LibraryK-12 Schools
Aram Public LibraryDelavan Public Library
Arcadia High SchoolWinding RiversMW 3:10 K-12 Schools
Arcadia Public LibraryWinding RiversMWF 3:00 Public Libraries
Argyle Public LibrarySouthwest WisconsinMR 11:45 Public Libraries
Arpin Public LibraryLester Public Library of Arpin South CentralMWF 10:45 Public Libraries
Ashland Public LibraryVaughn Public LibraryNorthern WatersM 8:15 + 5:30 W 4:20 + 5:30 F 2:20 Public Libraries
Ashwaubenon Branch LibraryNicoletM 6:40 T-F 8:35 S 8:25 Part of: Brown County LibraryPublic Libraries
Athens Branch LibraryWisconsin ValleyM-F 11:05 Part of: Marathon County Public LibraryPublic Libraries
Athens School DistrictWisconsin Valleyvia Athens Branch LibraryK-12 Schools
Atkinson LibraryMilwaukee CountyM-F 11:00 Part of: Milwaukee Public LibraryPublic Libraries
Auburndale School DistrictSouth CentralW 10:30 K-12 Schools
Augusta High School LibraryIFLSvia Augusta Public LibraryK-12 Schools
Augusta Public LibraryIFLSTWF 1:30 Public Libraries