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Reference Database Pages

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About the report: This is a link to the Reference Database pages which contains the links to the various database usage reports.

  • System Usage Statistics: Database usage statistics for the system. With the exception of OverDrive, the statistics are for the entire system and not broken out by individual library. There are links under the OverDrive table to the spreadsheets with the individual library statistics. Some of the other databases on this page have by library breakdowns in the Library Usage Statistics spreadsheets.
  • Library Usage Stastics: The access statistics for a number of the online databases, not including OverDrive, broken out by library, month and database. There are separate spreadsheets for in-library use, remote (aka outside of the library) use and pass-through use which are databases where we count the request and then pass it on to the database and they do the authentication. There is also a spreadsheet that has all three combined. These spreadsheets count the number of times the databases were accessed which is the equivalent of the "Sessions" counts from the System Usage statistics.