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People Counter Kits

SCLS has two people counter kits available for any member public library to use. These kits are intended for in-library use only.

  • Kit 1 is a Bi-directional people counter kit – This is an easy to use basic people counter kit that will provide a count of how many people entered and exited your library. Two counters are included with this kit to cover two entrances.
    • 2 Transmitters
    • 2 Receivers with displays
    • 1 Magnet for resetting the counter
    • 1 Instruction guide
    • Extra Command Strips
  • OUT FOR REPAIR – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR LOAN Kit 2 is a USB people counter kit – This is a more advanced people counter. Rather than a display to see how many people entered and exited the library it downloads data to a flash drive that connects to a laptop where you can see how many people passed by the counter every hour. This would be beneficial if you are interested in seeing trends as to what day of the week and during what time of the day the library gets the most traffic. This counter doesn’t indicate which direction people traveled so you will have to divide the total by two to get an accurate count. Two counters are included with this kit.
    • 2 Transmitters
    • 2 Receivers
    • 1 laptop with people counter software and a power cable
    • 1 Magnet for turning on the counter
    • 1 USB cable
    • 1 Instruction guide
Available for loan
Type of equipment: 
Maximum loan period: 
14 days