South Central In Demand (SCIDs)

The idea behind SCIDs is that the South Central Library System (SCLS) will contribute funds to help purchase additional copies of popular titles.


A formula was set up to determine how many copies of any title would be purchased.  This was based on the number of holds and the format.  Through the years, the formula has been adjusted as formats became less popular or as new formats emerged.  For example, SCID money is no longer used for books-on-cassette.  In 2012, it was agreed that 2.75% of SCID money would go toward SCLS’s contribution to the statewide digital media purchasing pool for ebooks.  The SCLS Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC) was the body that officially monitored the SCID budget; now this is done by the SCLS Administrative Council.

At the 6/2019 Administrative Council Meeting, it was agreed to replace the 2.75% allocation to SCIDS with an allocation of $6,000 to the SCLS Advantage account through SCIDs, not the statewide digital media purchasing pool.  The $6,000 will be taken as part of the annual SCIDS funding amount and not in addition to the SCIDS funding.  The new formula will be implemented with the 2020 Supplementary Services Agreement.


Each year, SCLS gives money to Madison Public Library (MPL), its Resource Library, as part of their Supplemental Services Agreement to purchase SCID items to be shared by all SCLS libraries.  Using “Purchase Alert” reports, MPL staff selects, orders, catalogs, links, and processes SCID items.  They are linked with “SCID” collection codes and the shelving location is “Ask staff for help.”  Once there are no more holds on a title, the SCID copies return to MAD.  MPL keeps some copies and distributes the rest to the county resource libraries.

SCLS member libraries also agree to adhere to “member purchasing” obligations.  The policy states, “Member libraries are required to purchase sufficient copies of material to meet local demand.”  See the “Member Purchasing Responsibility” policy.  It was adopted in 1998 and amended in 2005.

Current SCID Purchasing Formulas


Nonfiction       1 copy/6 holds

Fiction             1 copy/7 holds

Not to exceed 80 SCID copies*


Audiobooks:  1 copy/10 holds

Not to exceed 10 SCID copies


MUSIC CD:    1 copy/15 holds

Not to exceed 10 SCID copies


DVD:              1 copy/20 holds

Not to exceed 8 SCID copies*


*April 18, 2013 Administrative Council minutes list a vote to:

Suspend the upper limit for SCID purchasing for “extreme demand” titles up to 80 copies (previously 50) for print, and from 5 copies to 8 for DVD.  “Extreme demand” titles would include books that have more than 500 holds and movies with more than 500 million in box office sales.