SCLS Administrative Council Minutes
8/20/2020, 10:00 a.m.
Virtual Meeting online


Action Items:  None

Present: A. Noel (3), L. Oathout (4), J. Bergin (5), A. Barnett (6), R. Claringbole (7), W. Rawson (8), T. Herold (9-10), M. Navarre Saaf, Marc Gartler (11-13) (The number following each individual indicates the cluster they represent)

Absent:  L. Ganz (2)
: E. Foley (1)

Recorder:  H. Moe

SCLS Staff Present: M. Ibach, C. Baumann, V. Teal Lovely, M. Van Pelt

Call to Order:  Vice Chair J. Bergin, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  

a.   Introduction of guests/visitors: None

b.   Changes/Addition to the Agenda: None

c.    Requests to address the Council: None


Approval of previous meeting minutes: 6/18/2020 AC Minutes, 7/16/2020 All Director Minutes

a.      Changes or Corrections:  None

b.      Approved by motion:  W. Rawson moved approval of the 6/18/2020 AC Minutes & the 7/16/202 All Director Minutes.  R. Claringbole seconded. 

c.       Motion carried.


Action items: 

Reports of action of committees/workgroups

a.      Delivery Committee- Met 8/13/2020.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online. C. Baumann noted the safe work practices and issues they have been experiencing.  Delivery will be going to a 5 day service on 8/24/2020 and have staggered departure times.  He provided an update of materials and supplies.  An additional order for 400 bins has been placed. Some internal changes are being made to the delivery facility to allow movement of more items from the quarantine zone to the sorting zone to avoid double and triple handling of materials.   A doorway that is too narrow is being widened and hopefully in 2 weeks construction will be complete to allow better movement of materials. Delivery information is being updated on the delivery webpage so look there for the most recent information.  M. Van Pelt noted the system directors and DPI met and they are working on creating guidelines for quarantine times.  The latest tests indicated the virus remains on plastic, including DVD cases, for up to 5 days.

b.      ILS Committee – Met 8/5/2020.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.  V. Teal Lovely noted the ILS committee recommends that libraries follow the database renewals timeline and commitment page for information about WiLS database renewals. If a library is anticipating adding a new database, they need to let SCLS know that information by September 1st in order to ensure the authentication can be in place by January.  Guidelines and procedures for library requested database trials, and adding new databases may be found on the SCLS website.  SCLS has been in communication with LibLime regarding Bibliovation and we are in the testing phase of 6.2, which involves complex development.

c.       Technology Committee – Did not meet.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.

d.         Consultants: You may view the report in the AC documents online. 

e.         Library Innovation Subcommittee:  Met 8/11/2020.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.   

f.           Building Needs Assessment Work Group:  Met 8/36/2020. You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.   The work group visited four sites of the contract builder finalists and a decision was made on a builder.  The company that was chosen will be shared with the SCLS board first before it is announced.  The next meetings will discuss the design of the building and its size since COVID-19 is raising the question of how much space we need.   

 Items from clusters for initial discussion:  E-commerce and delivery reimbursement checks have been sent in delivery.

            a. 2021 SCLS System Plan Ideas:  Contact M. Van Pelt with any ideas you may have.  V. Teal Lovely noted LSTA funds have been put into funding migrations for libraries not in an ILS to join an ILS.  For a small library, start-up fees to join an ILS are not large, however because we have access to LSTA funds we could work out a process to extract records from their current system and make them more automated to transfer to our system.  SCLS will reach out to libraries to let them know about the LSTA funds which could directly affect them.  It was suggested a program be put together for SCLS staff to present to local library boards that are not on LINKcat.  SCLS wants to help member libraries and complete our mission of resource sharing in the best way possible. 

            b. Printing – M. Ibach – MAD is exploring their printing facility and operations and are looking into the need to raise the price for printing.  Paper is expensive and they are not covering their cost.  A proposal will go to the MPL board in September so there may be increases in printing for the libraries.  SCLS will let the libraries know by the November All Directors meeting or the next AC meeting based on MPL’s decision.

Meeting evaluation and Summary: 

 Next meeting:   9/17/2020 Agenda items to include 2021 system plan and budget


Adjournment: 11:05 a.m.


For more information about the Administrative Council, contact Martha Van Pelt.

SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.