SCLS Administrative Council Minutes
February 17, 2022, 10:00 a. m.

Virtual Meeting online and in-person


Action Items:  None

Present: R. Daley (1), R. Staveness (2), K. Linde-Moriarty (3), L. Oathout (4), J. Bergin (5), J. Porter (6), J. Ramsey (7), W. Rawson (8), T. Herold (9-10), Marc Gartler, Susan Lee (11-13) (The number following each individual indicates the cluster they represent)  

Excused: M. Navarre-Saaf

Visitor: J. Sansing, MID

Recorder:  H. Moe

SCLS Staff Present: J. Anderson, C. Baumann, V. Teal Lovely, T. Teska, M. Van Pelt

Call to Order:  L. Oathout, Chair called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m.  

a.   Introduction of guests/visitors: None

b.   Changes/Addition to the Agenda: None

c.    Requests to address the Council: None


Approval of previous meeting minutes: 1/20/2022 AC Minutes

a. Approved by motion:  J. Bergin moved approval of the 1/20/2022 AC Minutes.  J. Porter seconded.

b. Changes or Corrections:  None
c. Vote:  Motion carried.


Action items:  None

Reports of action of committees/workgroups

a.      Delivery Committee- Met 2/10/2022.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.  The SWLS and WRLS are receiving items from SCLS for the PLSR hub experiment.  There is a plan to develop long range plans in 2023 to plot out potential network changes in the Fox Valley and Milwaukee Systems.   C. Baumann inquired what the status of mask wearing in libraries will be as of March 1st.    BAR currently requires masks but expect the mandate to end March 1st.  MPL is not certain but will report findings after the director meets with the mayor for guidance whether city employees will be required to wear masks.  RIO is removing the mask mandate for youth on 2/21 but staff will be required to wear masks. MNT staff will wear masks, but it is optional for patrons.  MFD, FCH, and MID noted it will be optional for patrons.  PCPL will require masks for staff and vendors but visitors and patrons will be optional.

i.  Delivery Services Cost Formula Work Group:  Hopefully the work group will meet in March.

b.      ILS Committee – Met 2/2/2022.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online as well as the ILS report. 
  i.  Cost Formula Work Group:  Met 1/29.  The work group is gathering information and will be presenting that information at the All Directors meeting in March.  The work group members are encouraged to attend cluster meetings to address any questions.  They are done with their work unless members raise concerns.

c.       Technology Committee – Met 2/2/2022.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online as well as the Technology Report.  

d.         Consultants: You may view the report in the AC documents online. 

e.         Library Innovation Subcommittee:   Met 2/15/22. You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.     

f.           Building Needs Assessment Work Group:  Met 2/10/2022.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.  M. Van Pelt presented renderings of the new building space.  The SCLS Board will be presented with the purchase sale agreement and the Temporary Limited Easement document for approval this month.   SCLS has acquired the additional funds for the building project and is exploring the possibility of refinancing the total amount of funds received through the issuance of bonds, which could provide a projected savings of 10% over the life of the loan.  The Foundation is working on funding the new and enlarged Professional Collection for members to use.

Items from clusters for initial discussion:  L. Oathout thanked J. Ramsey for his work with scheduling the Library Legislative day appointments.   M. Van Pelt thanked those who delivered the SCLS packets at legislative day. 
K. Linde-Moriarty requested that SCLS send a reminder to the member libraries to provide updates for the “Bounce Back” webpage regarding changes in mask mandates.

Other Discussion: 

                                                              i.      March All Directors Agenda:  The agenda will be posted this week. 

                                                             ii.      System Annual Report – No changes are expected. 

                                                           iii.      Individual Advantage Accounts for SCLS members as discussed by libraries within Dane County.  Relevant information below. Also on the March All Directors Meeting agenda.


Discussion:  T. Herold noted the Verona Public Library has purchased an individual advantage account and is purchasing additional copies.  They are the first in the state to do this and the copies they purchase are only accessible for patrons with Verona library cards.  A concern was raised about what incentive there would be for libraries to put funds into the system advantage account if they can have an individual account.   J. Ramsey noted there is a concern that libraries that could afford it would be putting more into their individual account versus the system account.   Could a solution be for every dollar added to an individual account, the same amount would go to the system account? (*see M. Van Pelt’s explanation below)

SCLS has the highest use of Overdrive in the state and our contribution towards the WPLC pool is the largest.  Of the main statewide titles, we pay for 23% of the state.  SCLS contributes $20,000 from the member libraries into Advantage.  The individual SCLS contributions to the Advantage account are calculated by usage and collection budget.
S. Lee noted she likes the idea of having the extra copies available for MPL patrons, but it should be in the framework of “all can do or nobody does.” 

*M. Van Pelt noted SCLS has rules that libraries with individual Advantage accounts may only purchase additional copies of materials accessible by all SCLS libraries.  This is supported by the LINKCAT policy that items restricted to an individual library’s patrons can not appear in LINKCat. 

Libraries with individual Advantage accounts will continue to contribute to the system’s OverDrive and Advantage programs as full system members.

Please discuss this topic with your clusters.  It will be discussed at the March All Directors meeting.

Meeting evaluation and Summary:  Good.  The chair asked the purpose of this item.  M. Van Pelt explained that it is a final check that the participants felt their opinions were heard and that any remaining concerns should be aired.


Next meetings:  March 17, 2022 – All Directors Meeting 100% virtual


Adjournment: 11:30 a.m.


For more information about the Administrative Council, contact Martha Van Pelt.

SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.