SCLS Administrative Council Agenda

Thursday, October 18, 2018
SCLS Headquarters, Chester Room
10:00 a. m.


1.       Call to Order

a.       Introduction of guests/visitors

b.       Changes/Addition to the Agenda

c.       Requests to address the Council – policy


2.       Approval of previous meeting minutes:  September 20, 2018

3.       Action items: 

a.       Form AC 2019 Officers nomination committee


4.       Reports of action of committees/workgroups

a.       Delivery Committee- C. Baumann

b.       ILS Committee – V. Teal Lovely

c.       Technology Committee – V. Teal Lovely

d.       Consultants –  M. Ibach

e.       Library Innovation Subcommittee  - M. Ibach


5.       Items from clusters for initial discussion


6.       Other discussion

All Directors agenda for November - M. Van Pelt

Flipster  – M. Van Pelt

Transparent Languages – M. Van Pelt

Election Update

WISCAT 2019   – M. Van Pelt and K. Wolkoff

                October 2017– September 2018 Usage Report

ACL,ALB,MAD,MFD,MID,MRO,PDS,REE,SKC,STP,STO,SUN,VER,WID have WISCAT licenses.  Do they wish to continue them for 2019?  Does any library who opted out need to add WISCAT for 2019?  Each license is $200.  This will be a discussion and review of the “pilot” year of 2018.


7.       Meeting evaluation and summary


8.       Next meeting:  All Directors Meeting - November 15th at SUN

9.       Adjournment


For more information about the Administrative Council, contact Martha Van Pelt.  If you are calling into the meeting, please dial:  1-800-511-7983 (Access code: 628394)

SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.