SCLS Administrative Council

Draft Minutes

Thursday, January 18, 2018
SCLS Headquarters, Chester Room
10:00 a. m.


Action Items:  Approved the 2018 AC officers:  M. Navarre-Saaf, Chair; T. Herold, V. Chair

Present: C. Fesemyer (2), L. White (3), L. Oathout (4), J. Endres Way (5),  R. Claringbole (7), W. Rawson (8), T. Herold (9-10) M. Navarre Saaf, M. Gartler (11-13),
(The number following each individual indicates the cluster they represent)


Also Present: M. Van Pelt, C. Baumann, M. Ibach

Excused: A. Barnett (6)

Absent:  E. Foley (1)

Call to Order:  Chair L. White called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.  

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors: None 


b.      Changes/Addition to the Agenda: None


c.       Requests to address the Council – policy: None


Approval of previous meeting minutes:  W. Rawson moved approval of the 12/21/2017 minutes. T. Herold seconded.  Motion carried.

Action items:

a.      Vote for 2018 officers: 
2018 Slate of Officers:  M. Navarre-Saaf (MAD) – Chair; T. Herold (DCL) – Vice Chair.

M. Gartler moved approved of the 2018 slate of officers as presented.  C. Fesemyer seconded.  Motion carried.

Reports of action of committees/workgroups

a.         Delivery Committee- C. Baumann – Will meet Feb. 8th.  You may view the minutes of the last Delivery meeting online.  The volume stats handout was provided indicating changes between 2016 and 2017.  Rome and Nekoosa had pretty big increases because they joined LINK.  MPL had a 2.5% increase.  An email was sent to the directors regarding the black folders that will be used for the annual reports.  M. Ibach will also send a reminder to the annual report email list.  Credit was given to the delivery crew for working on MLK day.  Everything was completed and every route was covered. 

b.         ILS Committee – M. Van Pelt – Will meet March 7th.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.

c.         Technology Committee – M. Van Pelt- will meet Feb. 7th. You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.

d.         Consultants: You may view the report in the January AC documents online. 

e.         Library Innovation Subcommittee – Did not meet.  Will meet in February.  You may view the minutes of the last meeting online. 

g.         OverDrive Cost Formula Work Group – M. Van Pelt:  The work group met to discuss the formula and three possible scenarios.  The most popular formula was based on 75% OverDrive usage and 25% based on collection budget over a 3 year average.  The work group will meet again Jan 30th.

Items from clusters for initial discussion:   PLSR – Apply now to be a Core Recommendation Collaborator (CRC) or Model Development Summit participant. Both roles will help the PLSR Steering Committee with recommendations regarding the administrative, governance, and funding structure to support service model recommendations developed by project workgroups.  The work of the Steering Committee with the CRCs and summit participants will be facilitated by Russell Consulting, Inc. and will take place between March and August 2018.

Applications are due by the end of the day on February 9, 2018. The Steering Committee will make its selections from the applicant pool on February 23, 2018 and applicants will be notified of those results shortly after that.  The Steering Committee welcomes members of the library community to apply as well as others in the community who can add expertise and knowledge that will assist the Steering Committee.

It was requested that the AC be notified of who from SCLS staff applies for the committees.

Other discussion:

a.      2019 Budget Timeline – M. Van Pelt 

b.      Reminder to register to attend WLA Legislative Day, Tuesday February 20th.

c.       Cost Formula Work Group- recommendation for this year.  At this point, V. Teal Lovely sees no issues with the technology cost formula and is not recommending any changes or a need for a cost formula group this year.  If anyone feels the need to change the formula, please let her know by February 1st.   No one present felt the need to make any changes.

d.      Topics for AC to address this year.  A short discussion reminding reps that changes to clusters or governance would begin with the AC.  It was felt changes were not needed at this time.

e.      2018 All Directors meetings:  March (VER); May (POR); July (FCH); November (SUN)

                                                              i.      July ideas Madison museums around Capital Square, PLSR discussion. 
M. Van Pelt noted that members of the PLSR steering committee are willing to attend the July All Directors to provide information.  DPI has been contacted as well, but they have not responded.  After some discussion, the AC determined they needed the directors to be able to discuss the outcome of the PLSR reports and suggested a facilitation occur to allow the directors to respond to the reports with written feedback to PLSR.  C. Fesemyer volunteered to help facilitate the afternoon session. 

                                                            ii.      PLSR discussion: Feedback period on recommendations 6/11 – 7/20.  All Directors 7/19

                                                          iii.      Other suggestions:  C. Fesemyer noted her cluster feels that it is important to have the opportunity for a fun optional event at the All Director meetings, especially for new directors.  She suggested an ice breaker introduction activity for new directors.  She also encouraged current directors to welcome and meet the new directors.

                                                           iv.      Consensus was that the July All Directors meeting not have a fun activity this year but instead spend the afternoon reviewing the PLSR recommendations with the intent to have a finished product to submit to the Steering Committee at the end of the day in order to meet the July 20 deadline. Directors would be broken into small discussion tables hopefully staffed by local PLSR work group reps.  These could be SCLS staff reps also so directors who are reps can visit other tables. (After the meeting M. Van Pelt participated in the PLSR Steering Committee and received confirmation from Bruce Smith that someone from the Steering Committee would attend the July All Directors meeting).




PLSR Deadlines:

Core Recommendation Collaborator (CRC) Application Period – Using a simple online form, community members can apply to be part of a small team to help craft core recommendations with the Steering Committee and/or to be part of a larger group that will offer feedback. Application period is January 22 – February 9.

Post-Focus Group Survey
– Directors, staff, and Board members of libraries and systems will be invited to take a survey to learn what different stakeholders think about system services, governance, regional connections, local control, and other topics. Survey will run February 12-26.

Workgroup Report Feedback Period
– Workgroups will submit their reports to the Steering Committee on April 2 and an open comment period will run through April 23. All community members are encouraged to offer feedback for Steering Committee and CRC consideration.

Steering Committee Report Feedback Period
– All community members will be able to review the Steering Committee’s working recommendations and offer feedback. The comment period will be June 11 – July 20. This is a critical feedback period and you are encouraged to schedule time, with staff and/or with Boards, to review the recommendations. If invited, Steering Committee members will try to attend meetings to explain the process and recommendations and to learn from community partners. However, please make these requests as soon as possible to increase the possibility of a Steering member being available to attend.

Annual Cluster Representative Training & Refresher:  M. Van Pelt reviewed the cluster representative job description and meeting protocols.


Meeting evaluation and summary: 


Next meeting:  February 15, 2018
Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

H. Moe, recorder.


For more information about the Administrative Council, contact Martha Van Pelt.

SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.